Sunday, December 13, 2009

Discoverd a new jam!

So while putting songs on a friends iPod I ran across a song called "Make Up" by Jazzy(Formerly of Black Buddafly). I like the German group Black Buddafly so I took a listen and to my surprise the song is PURE FIRE! Like seriously this song is my new sh*t! I did a bit of research and by the grace of God the song just so happend to be on iTunes!!!! But the "Jazzy" is not the same one from Black Buddafly Idk who this chick is but she has a EP on iTunes called "Oh Jazzy". I only purchased Make Up so I dont know if the whole thing is good. I'll probably get the rest when I get some more coins to trick off on iTunes. The song is NOT new at all its actually from 2007 but who really cares??? Check out this hotness!

Rihanna "Rated R" Review

After her 2007 release of Good Girl Gone Bad Robyn Rihanna Fenty FINALLY Released her new album Rated R last month. Here is my review.

1.Mad House- Interesting start to the album, very dark and kinda spooky! Definitely sets a tone for what is to come.3/5
2.Wait Your Turn- Rihanna goes back to her island roots on this one! The beat is hard and is a fusion of rock and hip hop but Rihanna serves it up island style on the verses with a THICK carribean accent. Im not sure if I get the song but it sounds nice 4/5
3.Hard ft. Young Jeezy- If Beyonce's song Diva had a little sister this would be it! I like the song a lot and I hate to compare the two women but this is just sounds like her version of Diva...3/5
4.Stupid In Love- This is where the album takes a more personal turn. This song is about realizing that the bad relationsip you're in will never work and finally giving up.
5.Rockstar 101 ft. Slash- I LOVE this song! Its so aggressive! This song is basically her saying "Im the sh*t b*tches!!" favorite line "6inch walker/big sh*t talker/I've never played the victim/I rather be a stalker/so baby take me in/I disobey the law/make sure you frisk me good/check my panties & my bra!"
6.Russian Roulette-This song is like crack to my ears! I dont know how many times Ive played it but I know its a lot!
7.Fire Bomb- This song was a grower but I absolutely love it! Its pop mixed with alternative/rock.4/5
8.Rude Boy-Rihanna gets naughty on this song! The only thing that comes to mind when I hear this song is sex! And for some reason the song reminds me of Beyonce...I like it! 5/5
9.Photographs-It took a while for me to like this song because i used to HATE it but this is really good song about love lost. 4/5
10.G4L- "I lick the gun when Im dont cuz I know revenge is sweet/ Im down for life, b*tch Im wit you/we got our guns in the motherf*ckin air/Gangster 4 Life!!" 3/5
11.Te Amo- The beat SCREAMS Ms. Independent but the song is hot. Its about going out to dance and girl coming onto you on the dancefloor. Rihanna is thrown off but keeps on dancing! 4/5
12.Cold Case Love- Another personal song. The lyrics are good but something makes the song seem kinda...boring...3/5
13.The Last Song-Rihanna shows a lot of vocal growth on this song! The song is repetitive tho...but I love her vocals! 4/5

This is a GREAT follow up to Good Girl Gone Bad. Out of all four of Rihanna's albums none of them sound the same. Rihanna always seems to find a way to reinvent herself each time which is what a artist SHOULD do! She definitely is not afraid to take risks! The album is very aggressive and has quite a bit of profanity which is not something youre used to hearing from Robyn but its all good with me! Another GOOD album from RiRi!! Definitely worth BUYING!!!

Amerie In Love & War Review

Amerie debuted with her first album "All I Have" in 2002. It was her 2005 hit "1 Thing" that really put her on the map. That is when Amerie revieled her true style and signature sound. Amerie is now known for her sound which consists of heavy drums and other live instruments. It's very reminiscent to the DMV area's go-go music. Amerie recently released her fourth studio album titled "In Love & War" and on this album she mixes her signature sound with old school hip hop but also adds a few nice mid tempo's and ballads in the mix. Here is my review:

1. Tell Me You Love Me- Amerie opens the album with a funky upbeat song where she tries to persuade a man the she will make him fall in love with her. 4/5
2. Heard Em All- This the second single lifted from the album. I didnt like it at first listen but once I saw the video I fell in love with the song. Now I listen to it all the time! 5/5
3. Dangerous- Another funky tune. The beat reminds me alot of Kill Bill. It sounds like something that would played during a fight scene. I dont really care for the song too much...3/5
4. Higher- One of the albums stand out tracks! I don't know what it is about this particular song but I love it! 5/5
5. Why R U- Classic Amerie song. Also the lead single. 4/5
6. Pretty Brown ft. Trey Songz- Mint Condition some= HOTNESS! Pretty Brown Eyes is on of my favorite old school jams. Amerie and Trey definitely did this song justice!
7. More Than Love ft. Fabolous- I like this song A LOT! It's a song about relationships. basically asking how can we call it love when we dont trust eacother and the only time we're good is when we make love. Kinda makes you question your own relationship....5/5
8. Swagback- This is a solid mid-tempo joint. 3/5
9.You're A Star(Interlude)-This wasn't really needed imo...She is just repeating herself...
10. Red Eye-This song is SEXY I like it! Everything about it. The beat, airy vocals,the melody. This song is PERFECTION 5/5
11. The Flowers- The albums first ballad. I enjoyed this song, its the perfect song to play for someone when you breakup with them. Basically just letting them know all the things they SHOULD HAVE been doing to keep you! 4/5
12. Different People- This is probably my favorite song on the album. Its about a relationship gone bad because the man has changed so much from the man he used to be and Amerie can no longer take it. 5/5
13. Dear John- Another Ballad Nicely put together 4/5
14. Heard Em All remix ft. Lil Wayne- Same as original only with Weezy adding some hot rhymes 5/5

Amerie is SERIOUSLY slept on! This album is a REALLY good album and if you dont already have it GO OUT AND BUY IT NOW! This is most definitely goin on my "Top albums of '09" list!

Hiatus Much!

OMG I havent blogged in sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long! No fear Im back and I will be trying to blog more often! I have a few new cd's and I will be reviewing them shortly so u can know what to buy and what to not even download! Coming up are reviews of Rihanna Chris Brown Amerie Melanie Fiona & Trey Songz. First up Amerie!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rihanna Video premiere: "Wait Your Turn"

With the new album "Rated R" dropping in just THREE weeks Rihanna promo is in FULL force. Today she released her single Russian Roulette to online music vendor iTunes, aswell as put the album up for pre-order(this is usually done a week prior to the releases.) The Russian Roulette video is expected to premiere friday Nov 13th on 20/20. This thursday Rihanna will have her first sit down interviews with Good Morning America and 20/20!Def Jam is going all out for Ms. Robyn! Today her official website premiered the video to the dual single "Wait Your Turn". Check it out:

....Idk what to say! The video is...interesting to say the least. Rihanna has clearly surpassed the "Good Girl Gone Bad" image and has gone to the next video. Im not sure if I get what she is trying to do but I kinda like it! I'll be picking up Rated R on 11.23.09 will you?

Chris Brown Unviels Graffiti Cover

The Ball has started rolling for Chris Browns return! He has two singles "I Can Transform Ya" ft. Swizz Beatz & Lil Wayne. And "Crawl". He is currently on a "Fan Appreciation" tour with special guest New Boyz. And his new album "Graffiti" is due on Dec 15th. Check Out the cover:

The cover is cool! I don't really understand the little space jam looking monters in the bottom right corner. He could've worn some less tight pants...But other than those too things the cover is dope! I LOVE the Sasha Fierce glove!

Frankie On Judge Mathis!

Poor Frankie, she just can't seem to catch a break! A "club promoter" claimed he would be able to work with her and get her club appearances. He claims she broke the contract, she claims he did. Watch the story unfold for yourself....

Two words: HOT MESS!! Im glad Frankie won! And I can't wait for the second season of the Frankie & Neffie Show!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monica "Still Standing": The Show. The Song. The album.

So last nite the BET network premiered the first episode of a new series called "Still Standing". The show is a reality show for R&B singer Monica Arnold. Monica is a 29 year old singer from Atlanta Georgia's College Park area. She has a career that has lasted for 15 years! Throughout that time she has seen many ups & downs both professionally & personally. Monica has been hard at work on her 5th studio albu for quite some time now and things are beginning to gel together and she is in the final stages of putting the album together. The show showcases the trials and tribulations of life in the music industry and just how much work is put into putting together a album. It also sheds lite on her personal life shows her relationship with her fiance Rocko and three kids. The first episode was very interesting. I LOVED it! Monica is SO country and I absolutely adore it. If you missed it don't shed a tear! I have the FULL episode here thanks to Mr World Premiere

The show is named after a song Monica recorded a while ago(over a year) and it features Ludacris if you havent heard it before check it out:

This song NEVER gets old to me! Monica revealed lastnite via twitter( that she was in NYC for a important meeting with J Records. She later revealed that she has chosen not one but TWO singles for her new album. The singles are both produced by Polow Da Don. One is a ballad written by Ester Dean and it is titled "Here I Am". The other is a up-tempo song featuring T-Pain titled "Nothing Like". The new album will also be titled "Still Standing" And it is expected to drop in the first quarter of next year. Some sources have been saying Jan.12.2010. Im excited! Monica's debut was the first cd I ever got and that was 15 years ago! I have since purchased EVERY Monica album since then! A lot of females have come and go in the music industry but Mo is one of the few who after so long are Still Standing...

Rihanna Unveils Album Cover

Yesterday Rihanna released the cover art for forthcoming album "Rated R" which will drop in LESS than a month! Monday Nov 23 to be exact! Take a look:

When I first saw the picture I thought it was fake! But I do actaually like the cover. It is VERY dark. The covering of the eye and all the black only adds to the mystery and the dark nature. I am getting more and more excited for the new album! Im a BIG Rihanna fan so Im anticipating it very much, although I know it will be a good album because, I enjoy all of other albums! The Wait Is OVA! 11.23.09 :-)

I Can Transform Ya Video Premiere

So Yesterday Chris Brown released his video for one of his new singles. The Song is called "I Can Transform Ya" and it features Swizz Beatz & Lil Wayne. The song is pretty dope check out the video:

The video is pretty cool. Chris Brown's choreagraphy was HOT as usual!(Secretly, I wish I could dance like him!) The whole Transformers theme was cool. Im mad that one of the video girls looked like Nicki Minaj! I actually thought it was her....Tyrese's cameo at the end was very unexpected and irrelevant! Anyway, Chris Brown will release is third album "Graffiti" on Dec. 8th.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Wait is ALMOST ova!!

Tomorrow is the big day!!! Rihanna's new single drops....Are you ready?

Beyoncé Rereleases album for the BILLIONTH time along with a LIVE DVD!

"Gettin' Money, Divas gettin money!!"-Beyoncé : Diva

Beyoncé is truly "gettin money". Since The 2008 release of her latest album I Am...Sasha Fierce which recieved a Regular AND Deluxe edition release on the same day. She rereleased the album in June of 2009 and changed the title to Above And Beyoncé.This was a US release only. This Edition was just a bunch of Dance mixes along with music videos to all her singles. In Sep. of 09 she released it again but this was outside the US. It was titled I Am...Sasha Fierce Platinum Edition. It had all the album tracks including Ego ft. Kanye West, Why Dont You Love Me, And Honesty(A Billy Joel cover). Now on Nov. 24th She will be going up against Rihanna & Lady Gaga When she rereleases her album yet again! I Am...Sasha Fierce DELUXE edition will have the SAME songs as the first Deluxe edition along with a "new" song called Poison. It even has the same cover as the first cd only in color. Beyoncé had a four night gig in Las Vegas back 0n July 30th. that went until August 2nd. The series of concerts was COMPLETELY different from her I Am...World Tour. This was I Am...Yours. It was held at the Wynn Hotel in the Encore Theater. Along with the rerelease of her I Am...Sasha Fierce album Beyoncé will also be releasing the I Am...Yours Live DVD/CD. It was a VERY intimate show with only 1,500 seats. It was the first time Beyoncé ever had a show like it. It has a completely different setlist and the songs were ALL performed acousticly! This show is her version a MTV Unplugged gig. In fact it may be better! With me being a Beyoncé FANATIC I already know Ill be purchasing both items! Geez louise, thats gonna hurt my little pockets! Live DVD. Live CD. Deluxe edition PLUS Rihanna's NEW album!!! I Better start saving...

Incase you dont already have them go and pick ALL the other versions of I Am...Sasha Fierce for yourself!

I Am...Sasha Fierce(regular edition)

I Am...Sasha Fierce(deluxe edition)

Above and Beyoncé

I Am...Sasha Fierce(platinum edition, only sold overseas so u have to order it!)

I Am...Sasha Fierce(deluxe edition)

Beyoncé I Am...Yours

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rihanna is back!

THE WAIT IS OVA...well almost! Robyn "Rihanna" Fenty is putting the FINAL touches on her 4th studio album which is slated to drop November 23,2009. It has also been confirmed that on the same day 11.23.09 RihRih will be performing live in NYC on Good Morning America. I am SO excited! Rihanna released her last album "Good Girl Gone Bad" On June 5th 2007 and has since sold OVER 1,276,347 copies world wide!! I know the reception for the new single and album will be HUGE so Rihanna better make sure everything is on point, because this will either do extremely well or absolutely terrible!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

LeToya Luckett Lady Love Review

LeToya Luckett is a lady of many different sides and personalities. As a member of the group Destiny's Child she played the role "goofy" member. LeToya displays her many different sides in her music. Her debut album "LeToya" came out in 2006. The album was great, and it gave an idea of what a "H-Town chick" really was. The album consisted of many different topics from love to partying, to heartbreak. But This album only showcased the young H-Town chick. which is only one side of LeToya. Now Ms. Luckett is back with her sophmore album appropiately titled "Lady Love". The album consists of many different songs showcasing the many sides of not only a young woman but love general, it shows the good and bad and how it can affect someone. In my review I'll break down the album song by song and give my opinion on each one and the album as a whole.

1. Lady Love: The album starts of with the soft sound of a music box, but quickly switches gears to an infectious beat and LeToya singing in a sexy and sultry voice. This song is a ladies anthem. Letoya lets a man know that no other woman around can do for him all that she can. She lets him know she's a independent lady but can accomidate all of his needs. 4/5

2. She Ain't Got...: This Cory Bold produced track is definitely a stand out track. I mean, who can't relate to this??? LeToya's voice flows over the rapid beat and the lyrics are VERY sassy! She let's a cheating boyfriend know that the "hoe" that he is cheating ain't got sh*t on her! 5/5

3. Not Anymore: This Ne-Yo written song is where the album shifts to a slower pace. The song is a piano driven ballad. The song is about a broken-hearted girl who finally opens her eyes and realizes that she deserves way more that what her so called boyfriend is giving her. Although I like this song I don't feel it was a good single choice, being that is was her 1st single off of the album. 3/5

4. Lazy: I'll be honest, when I first heard this song when it leaked I thought to myself "blaaaaaaah[!]" I thought the song was boring, but I wasnt really listening to the lyrics. This song is off the hook! LeToya sits her man down and lets him know that she no longer wants to be in a relationship, because she is afraid of the heartbreak that may come. She has been so much in the past that her heart has given up on love all together and has become "lazy".

5. Good To Me: This is my favorite song on the album, When I heard this song I couldn't believe this was the same LeToya from the debut album. LeToya lists all the things she wants in a man, and lets it be known when she finds this man she will love him unconditionally. 5/5

6. Over: On this song LeToya warns her man that if he were to ever cheat on her that the relationship would be "over". Things in the relationship don't seem to be going too smoothly from the lyrics, but she warns him before he makes a big mistake and loses everything they have. 4/5

7.Regret(Ft. Ludacris) I guess the guy didn't take Toya's advice! This song is a anthem for anyone who has ever been cheated on. LeToya lets the cheating man know "I made you cool. You wasn't that dude, until I started f*****g with you!" She basically tells him that everything he had, he got from her, and that he is now nothing without her. Ludacris comes in as the "new" boyfriend and basically lets the old guy know he is gonna do all that the other man was incapable of doing. 5/5

8. I Need A U: Lady Love unleashes her sexy side on this track! She sings over a soft bass beat in a airy yet sultry tone very reminiscent of Janet Jackson. She cries that whenever she is alone in her room at nite she needs a man to keep her keep her company and do all the things that lovers do. This song showcases a side of LeToya that has not been showcased atleast not to this extent. Instead of a usual bridge LeToya speaks about how wished she had a man with her at that very moment. The song then climaxes with a electric guitar that goes into the final chorus. 5/5

9. Take Away Love(Ft. Estelle) LeToya gets help from UK singer/Rapper Estelle on a song where she tells a man that she no longer wants to be in a relationship. You can say this song is basically the same like Lazy because generally speaking it is. However if you listen closer they are completely different, This song is about a guy who just cant get a clue. She has tried over & over to let him know he is not who or where she wants to be, so her final option is to take her love away. Estelle's verse is dope! 3/5

10. After Party: This song is probably the only song on the album that I dont particularly care for. It's just not my style. Its almost like everything she says goes in one ear and out the other because I can't begin to tell you what the song is about..... 2/5

11.Drained: This is my JAM! LeToya turns the tables which is something I love when female singers do. Instead of singing about getting her own heart broken she sings about breaking her mans heart and draining him of all of his love. She later pleads for forgiveness and another chance. 4/5

12. Tears: LeToya gets sexy once again! This song is pretty dope. Its about a lady who allows her man to take complete control, but not in a bad way. It is up to the listener to choose whether it is a sexual or emotional type of control. Whatever the case may be the tears she has are tears of joy. 4/5

13.Matter: On this song Toya pleads with a man who has left her for another woman. She tells him that The woman he is now with will never be able to love him the way she does. She pleads with him to come back to her and lets him know the other woman doesn't matter to her. 5/5

14.Love Rollercoaster(Mims & LeToya): I like this song A LOT! This song is SO relatable! Mims Obviously plays the guy in the relationship and spits verses about how the the girl cant seem to keep a stable mood, and how his girl be trippin on him making mountains out of molehill. While LeToya swears that its all on him and that he has changed his ways from what they used to be, which causes her to feel like she is on a emotional rollercoaster. 5/5

15. Don't Need U: This is a great song! Its about finally realizing that you can do without your ex. After all, there IS a reason why you left them, right? On This song LeToya lets her ex know that there are no hard feelings. And she will continue to carry on with her life, rather that soak in her hearkbreak. 4/5

16. Don't Let Me Get Away(iTunes Bonus Track): This drum driven and clap assisted track is nice. LeToya sings over the beat to a guy who is beginning to drop the ball when it comes to their relationship. She reminds how he had to put in work to win her over, and warns him to not let her get away. Although the song is nice I definitely see why it didnt make the physical copy...3/5

As a whole I think this album is AMAZING! It is a total upgrade from her debut. Not to take away from "LeToya", because that album was great too. This album diplays A LOT of growth! LeToya has grown so much as a person & artist. On her debut she placed herself in a box with the whole "H-Town Chick" vibe she was using. This album is a bit more sophisticated. And shows more sides of LeToya. Although She definitely Shows The H-Town Chick is STILL there(i.e. She Ain't Got & Regret just to name a few). Another factor is the vocal growth! LeToya has most definitely stepped it up this time around vocally! She is hitting notes she would have never dared to hit on her first album. This album is worth every penny! if you are an R&B head like myself you will definitely appreciate this album. For the most part it is pretty laid back. there are a few "up beat" songs but the album mainly consists of mid-tempo's and ballads. If you havent already PLEASE go out and BUY this album it is definitely worth it. LeToya is so much more than just an ex member of Destiny's Child. And she is More than just a H-Town Chick. LeToya Nicole Luckett is Lady Love!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lady Love instores & online NOW!!!!!!!

LeToya Luckett's sophmore album Lady Love was officially released today so be sure to grab a copy or two! I already got mine!

Showing love to Aaliyah

Today marks 8 years since the tragic death of R&B singer Aaliyah Dana Haughton. I used to be a BIG Aaliyah fan when I was a little kid. I remember learning the entire "Are You That Somebody" Routine. Her "One In A Million" album was one of the first albums I ever got! I remember my mom bought me the cassette! Her last album "Aaliyah" is a CLASSIC I played that album until it broke! back in 2001 and have bought it again TWICE since then! If you dont have that cd you NEED to get it. I just wanted to make a post recognizing the late singer, because she was truely AMAZING! Ive searched youtube and I some videos of her performing my favorite songs! and my favorite video off her last album(can you spot Electrik Red's Binkie & Lesley??)

Age Aint Nothing But A Number LIVE On All That:

One In A Million LIVE at Summer Jam:

Rock The Boat:

Monday, August 24, 2009

Flashback Joint

In Honor of LeToya Luckett releasing her new album tomorrow, my flashback joint of the day is her second single "She Don't" from her first album "LeToya"

Be sure pick up Lady Love tomorrow!

Lady Love instores TOMORROW!!!!!

LeToya Luckett is releasing her sophmore album Lady Love tomorrow! LeToya split from Destiny's Child along with LaTavia Robertson back in 2000. After that the two formed a group called "Anjel". Unfortunately Anjel did not work out so LeToya decided to take the solo route. Luckett released her first solo debut on Capital records back in 2006. the album was self titled "LeToya" and it was a BIG success! It debuted at #1 on the billboard 200 charts selling 165,000 copies its first week! To date the album has sold 800,000 copies! Her first single "Torn" reached #2 on billboards Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Song chart. Her second single "She Don't" was also a success! LeToya has been hard at work ever since! She went on tour with Mary J. Blige as a supporting act on "The Breakthough Experience Tour" in 2006. And she owns two boutiques in Houston,TX both called "Lady Elle". LeToya has now returned to the music scene with 3 new singles. The first being a Ne-Yo written ballad "Not Anymore". Second the up-beat and sassy Cory Bold produced "She Ain't Got...". And third the Tank produced "Regret" featuring Ludacris. The album drops TOMORROW!! And I will most definitely be picking up my copy in the morning!! Expect a full review later on in the week, I may even do a "LeToya" review just for the heck of it for all you have yet to hear the album! Here are a few Flashbacks of Ms. Luckett...

OLD DC Interview:

LeToya on "Say My Name":

LeToya on "hey Ladies":

Beyonce & LeToya on "If You Leave"

LeToya on "Bills Bills Bills":

Friday, August 21, 2009

Keri Hilson & Friends spotted shooting new video

Wednesday night Keri Hilson was spotted in Hollywood shooting a video for her new single "Slow Dance". Keri is a established songwriter aswell as a singer so she had a couple of friends there with her to make cameo's in the video such as Polow da Don, Monica, Chris Brown, Omarion, and even Melody from The Pussycat Dolls. check out some footage of them shooting the video: need to get their stuff together because they dont know who Kelly Rowland is, and apperantly they dont know who Keri Hilson is either! They think is a new Chris Brown video....

Kelly Rowland & Brandy spotted hanging out!

Wednesday 8/19/09 Kelly Rowland & Brandy Norwood were spotted shopping in the Los Angeles Beverly Hills area. They were seen in the MAC store where they had the entire store shut down to shop! Both ladies looked cute! The sad thing is the paparazzi didnt know that the young lady shopping with Brandy was infact Kelly Rowland from DESTINY'S CHILD!!!! I don't know whether to laugh or feel bad! In my own opinion Kelly is the bigger "celebrity" or atleast more current than Brandy but that may only be over in the UK....The paps waited for the ladies to exit the store so they can snap away and record videos. When they did all attention was given to Brandy. The only thing said to Kelly was, was she there to support Brandy!, infact on the youtube link the description says "Brandy and a friend go shopping..." Here is a photo and a video of the ladies in & exiting the MAC Boutique on Robertson Blvd.(click the link to see the video)

Im glad to see Kelly & Brandy are friends again! They used to hang out back in the day but the friendship ended a few years ago when Brandy told Kelly to let Mathew Knowles go as her manager, because his only interests were in his daughter Beyoncé. It seems as though the ladies have let the past go and have become friends again! Both are signed to new lables(Kelly as even let Mathew Knowles go!) and are working on new albums! Hopefully they will do a track together one day!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Melanie Fiona Energy Live Sessions

So Melanie Fiona is a new R&B singer from Toronto. She has a single on radio & tv called "Give It To Me Right". She is gearing up for the US release of her debut Album "The Bridge" which drops this tuesday! 08/18/2009. She did a performance at a unknown club in Zurich(Switzerland). Four songs are on the net check them out here:

Monday Morning:

It Kills Me:

Give It To Me Right:

Heartless(Kanye Cover)

Give It To Me Right Video:

WOW! Melanie did her thing on these performances! She can definitely SING I like how the 1st song started off slow and then picked up a little. Her style reminds me of Solange a little bit. She mixes modern R&B with old school motown. Her Heartless cover was nice I liked the Reggae feel she gave to it, then switched it over to hip hop with a dash of rock! She is SICK! The Bridge drops 08/18/2009 Grab a copy, I think this will be a hot one! Definitely expect a FULL review of it sometime this week.

Keri Hilson Wal-Mart Soundcheck

Keri Hilson did a interview & performance with Wal-Mart for their Soundcheck series a few months ago. Im guessing the videos have just surfaced because this is my first time hearing anything about can check all video here:


Knock You Down:

Turnin' Me On:

Slow Dance:



I thought she did a great job on the performances! The best was Slow Dance(I am so pissed that it was cut off!) The interview was pretty cool. It allows you get a better feel for who Keri is and where she gets her inspiration from. Keri & I have the same fave songs from her cd! Rumor has it that Hilson's next single will be Slow Dance!! Im so excited and I hope it is true! Also it said that she is planning on re-releasing In A Perfect World... The current edition is instores NOW so if you haven't already PLEASE go and pick up a copy or two! It is definitely worth the money!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Beyoncé song!!

A New Beyoncé track called "Poison" has leaked. It appeared on DJ Haze's new mixtape called " Big R&B Ego". Im a HUGE Bee fan so ofcourse I LOVE the song take a listen here:

This song is AMAZING!!! She took it back to the "Dangerously In Love" days. the production, lyrical content, & vocals are all on point! I dont know why this song didnt make the IASF cd. Hopefully it will appear on the re-release due next year...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Flashback Joint

Junior M.A.F.I.A. Get Money:

I used to LOVE this song when I was a kid. And I recently fell back in love with it! Lil' Kim rocked this joint! Charli Baltimore looked cute in this video! I think its time for both ladies to make a comeback to the music scene!!

Charli Baltimore recently spoke with Vlad TV about not being in The "Notorious" movie & Lil Kim's actions at Biggie's Funeral:

Ouch! at the Lil' Kim comments....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Unchartered Waters

(l-r Audra Lyndriette Seven Brave)

New R&B group RichGirl have been having their songs leak left and right! It seems like everytime I get online a new track has leaked! I dont mind it one bit cuz their music is like crack to my ears!!! I love RG!!!! Like seriously I get the same feeling I get listening to these ladies that I got listening to Destiny's Child during the Bills Bills Bills days! The latest song to leak is a song called "Uncharted Waters" take a listen:

The song is produced by B. Cox. And I LOVE it!! It is a standard Cox track but it lets the ladies voice shine. (Especially Seven!) RichGirl plans on releasing their debut album later this year.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

RichGirl performs on WNBA All-Star game!

While opening for Beyoncé on the north american leg of her "I Am..." world tour RichGirl also performed at the WNBA All-Star game in Coneticutt last month at the Mohegan Sun Arena RG performed their song 24's. Check out the performance here:

I think they did a GREAT job especially giving the fact that it was their first televised performance! Lyndriette & Seven are by far my favortites! Althought all ladies are talented and fine as hell!! RichGirl's debut album is expected to drop later in the year.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 2

It has been so long since I last posted. I have been a bit busy wit work, but I am back and will be putting more of an effort to posting.

The housewives have returned! And I am SO excited!!!!! NeNe Sheree Lisa & Kim are back to bring on the drama Georgia style! Unfortunately DeShawn was unable to return for the second season, but that okay! There is a new house wife in town! Singer/Songwriter Kandi Burruss best known for being in the R&B group Xscape and writing smash singles such as TLC's "No Scrubs" & Destiny's Child "Bills, Bills, Bills" & "Bug-a-Boo". The season premiere is tonite at 10pm and I will definitely be posting my thoughts after it airs!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beyoncé is currently on her I Am...World tour! And tonite she is performing in Sacramento and guess who is going...........I AM!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so excited to see this concert I can't wait! Beyoncé will be performing at the Arco Arena!!

In other Beyoncé news she has premiered her new video Sweet Dreams today!!!!

Not too crazy about but whatever its Bee so I know I'll watch it a billion times regardless!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

LeToya update.

LeToya Luckett has been busy lately! This past sunday she performed on 106&Park at the BET Awards red carpet Pre-Show! She performed her first single "Not Anymore" off her sophmore album "Lady Love". Check Out the performance here:

The performance was good. I didnt really like the ending all that much....

Monday she did a radio interview with LA's 102.7 KIIS FM. She talked about the album, where she likes to hang while in Los Angeles and the Beyoncé rumors check it out:

I am so glad she spoke a bit on the Bee situation. Its good to know that they are still cordial, and that there is truely no bad blood between the two!

LeToya also premiered her NEW video for "She Ain't Got..."

I love this song and the video is nice but some shots make it look cheap....Im still a BIG LeToya fan, but I have to be honest....At some points in the video it just looks very bootleg and low budget...hopefully the song does well enough to carry itself.

LeToya's album cover has been revealed!!!!

I think it is HOT! I love it! Lady Love will be instores and online August 25! 8.25.2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

Beyoncé update

I have been totally slacking lately! This past sunday Beyoncé kicked off her US leg of the "I Am..." World Tour. She started things off in New York City Sunday Night at Madison Sqaure Garden. Beyoncé was in such a high demand that another date was added for Mon. June 22. That show was SOLD OUT also! Over 200,000 people in the NYC area saw Bee perform this past weekend! It was said that the Garden had to release even more seats with restricted views at the last minute because people were STILL trying to get tickets! On both nites Beyoncé was joined onstage by her husband Jay-Z durning her hit song "Crazy In Love"

Talk about HOTNESS!!!!! I can NOT wait for July 9th!!!! The crowd didnt know what hit them when Jay Walked out! On the day of the second show Bee held a press conference outside of MSG for the "Show Your Helping Hand campaign". In select cities on her tour there will be a HUGE truck accepting food donations to feed people all across America. The shows in NYC had a handfull of celebrities in attendance A few people spotted at Bee's shows in NYC were:

June Amrose
Ghostface Killa
Sanna Lathan
Tyra Banks
Adrienne Balion
The Dream
Karina Pasian
Ashlee & Simpford
Method Man

This is ONLY the first TWO shows!

After two amazing nights in New York, Beyoncé & Co. headed down to Baltimore, MD where they performed tuesday June 23. It was said to be another SOLD OUT venue! there were no Suprise guest this nite and no celebrity viewers were spotted but it was still said to be a awsome show. Beyoncé performed at the 1st Mariner Arena.

Next stop was Washington D.C. Where Bee performed wed nite. It is said that durning Upgrade U she took a mans Yankees cap from the crowd and put it on her head! It was also yet ANOTHER sold-out show! DC had some very special guest in the audience! It was said that now only was Jay-Z there but Michelle Obama aswell along with her two daughters Sasha & Malia!!! Thats a good look! The Obama's are really Beyoncé fans! Bee performed at the Verizon Center.

DC medley/Upgrade U(wearing hat)

Next stop TONITE Philly!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Different Me Tour

Sunday night Keyshia Cole closed out her "A Different Me" tour in Oakland at the Paramount Theater. It was a GREAT show! The only problem I had was that the tickets said the show started at 8 o'clock but the first act who just happend to be Keri Hilson went on at 7:30!!!! I was pissed because I wasn't even at my seat! I was in line trying to buy some soda! I quickly ran back upstairs pushed security out the way and ran to my seat to see Ms. Hilson! She did a good job. She went through singles, songs off the albums, songs she wrote for others, and even paid homage to the likes of SWV,TLC, & Aaliyah. Next up was The-Dream. I honestly didnt care to see him so I missed half of his set buying my drink. From what I saw He was okay....He's kind of weird tho Keri joined him on stage during "I Luv Your Girl" rocking a wife beater, denim jeans, & red heals. Lastly was Keyshia! She did awsome! She kicked off the show with her 1st song "I Changed My Mind" She continued to go through all her hits while adding the best songs off of all 3 albums. She even suprised us and brought out the Queen B Lil' Kim!!! For "Let It Go" and Too $hort, for "Didn't I Tell You". I searched all over Youtube but I can't find ANY videos from the Oakland show So Ill just upload highlights from other cities:

Keri Hilson:
Intro/Knock You Down:

Slow Dance:

Songs She wrote/likes:


How Does It Feel/Get Your Money Up:

Turnin Me On:

The Dream

Fast Car:

My Love:

Keyshia Cole:
I Shouldve Cheated:

Heavent Sent/Love:


Let It Go w/ Kim(LA):

Last Night w/ Diddy(LA):

Trust w/Monica(LA):

It seems like LA was a better show than Oakland BOOOOOOOOOO!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ms. Cole is coming home!

Today is june 21st and Keyshia Cole will be performing at the last show of her "A Differnt Me" Tour. What better place to close her tour than her hometown Oakland!!!! Keyshia will be joined by The-Dream & Keri Hilson! This is Keyshia's first headlining tour, and she has 3 albums to cover throughout the show so Im sure tonite will be interesting. Keyshia has done a few shows here in the bay, mostly in clubs or opening for another artist. So this will be the 1st time her hometown fans will really get a chance to shine on her own! I will definitely be attending the show expect a review up tomorrow! Keyshia will be performing at the Paramount Theater.

Are You Ready....To Be Entertaind?????

Tonite marks the Official launch of Beyonce's US leg for her "I Am..." World Tour. The last gig she did was in London on June 9th ot the O2 Arena. People are saying that there will probably be a few changes to the show! (I personally would LOVE it if she adds Sweet Dreams, Sattlelites, & Scared Of Lonely back!) One thing for sure is Beyoncé will be going on the road with the new R&B quartet "RichGirl" They will be the opening act for the US leg of the tour! Tonite RichGirl & Beyoncé will be performing in NYC at the WORLD FAMOUS Madison Square Garden! Beyoncé was in such a high demand in NYC that the show sold out so fast they had to add a ANOTHER show for Monday June 22! MSG is a HUGE arena with a seating compacity of 100,000!!! that's about 200,000 ppl in the NYC area alone who want to see Sasha Fierce!!!! Get em Bee!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Nicki Minaj Interview

Nicki Minaj ROCKS!!! I totally love this chick! She is like this generations lil kim...I cant wait for her to get signed and blow up!!! Pick ya copy of Beam Me Up Scotty!

Flashback joint

Im a HUGE Monica fan. and I remember when this song came out back when I was five years old. I got the cd for christmas and STILL have it over a decade later!!! Mo needs to hurry up with that new album!

Still in GOOD condition lol!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Richgirl opening for Beyoncé

So with less than a week to go info FINALLY releases announcing that new R&B group Richgirl will be the opening act for the I Am... US tour kicking off in NYC at Madison Square Garden this sunday June 21st! Congrats to the girls because that is a HUGE accomplishment to be able to go on tour with Bee! Incase you dont know who RG is check them out:

Behind The Scenes:

Im excited to see them!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Flashback Video

So I decided that a new thing I want to do on the regular is post old school videos from way back in the day. You back when music whas MUSIC! lol anyway my first flashback video is Mya ft. Sisqo "It's All About Me"

This song was my effing JAM!!!! I used to LOVE it. I remember i saved my lunch money for a week just to buy the single! I searched my house and and parents cars for quarters just to buy the album which was a cassette tape! I remember my babysitter had to count it all out for me! Im gonna need Mya to make a comeback ASAP!!

My iPod broke!!!

my iPod is my life!! I take it EVERYWHERE I go, and it broke!!!! I am so upset because i had 2000+ songs on there and only 5% is on my iTunes. Now I have to upload all my cd back to iTunes and download all the songs that I didnt have on cd's all over again!!! This sucks. Thank God i had insurance so I can get a new iPod for free!! R.I.P. Blackie! U jammed your little electric heart out :-(......

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

long time no post!!!

OMG, I havent posted in so long! And I dont know why!!!!! It's not like Ive been busy! Updates coming soon!

Friday, May 29, 2009

How To Be A Lady Vol. 1 Review

L-R Binkie, Lesley, Sarah, Naomi

So This past tuesday Electrik Red released their debut album "How To Be A Lady Vol. 1". Its quite ironic that they titled their album that because, the album cover alone is everything a woman is NOT stereotypically. Once these women open their mouths and you hear they rauchy lyrics, and song topics you see just what kind "ladies" they are aiming to be. They all got their start at being video vixens and back up dancers for the hottest celebs. Binkie & Lesley hooked up to form a group and asked Sarah to be apart of it, Sarah agreed but insisted that her friend Naomi be in the group aswell. The ladies later hooked up with The-Dream and the rest is history! Enough blabbering! Here is my review:

1. Muah: ER starts things off with a mid-tempo female power type of song. It's definitely a feel good song for all the ladies across the globe. The ladies let you know "shawty Im the shit, with this shit!" The song doesnt dig too deep into concept but they definitely get their point across.
2. So Good: This song is definitely one of my faves! Serving as the main single, this song is another mid-tempo song about a girl who falls in love with a man who is involved with anoteher woman! She was fully aware of this but since the sex was "so good" she cant let him go!
3. Devotion: ER slows things down on this sexy number. This song is like a hot summer nite riding song! Just roll the windows down and and let the beat blast through your speakers!
4. Freaky Freaky: This is another "slower" song. Naomi sings over the hard beat with a airy sex kitten tone. While Binkie backs her up, and Sarah handles the pre-chorus with her smooth, sultry vocals.
5. Bed Rest: This number is sexual song. The girls sing about a past lover who they just can seem to get over, the man didnt do anything bad to them, but he always gave it up whenever it was needed. And now that he is gone, they are on bed rest awaiting his turn.
6. Friend Lover: Things pick back up with this funky song. As soon as it starts you automatically feel like your in the 80's and just want to dance. Which is a good thing because this song is a GREAT summer song and radio friendly, the topic however.....A friend lover is nothing more than a jump off! You all know, that one person(maybe more depending how nasty you are) that you can call when you need a little "lovin". They are not your companion, but a sex buddy. That's pretty much the topic of this song.
7. P Is For Power: On this song ER disses guys that are trying to get at them, but unfortunately are not on their level. In order to get one of these sexy ladies you have to have a lot money!!!! If not then "U ain't gettin no P!!!!!"
8. W.F.Y.: I remember seeing them live and being shocked at what they were saying! You know how some guys( me not being one of them!) like to brag about their skills, or run their mouths to all their friends about how freaky the person they last slept with was? Well ER basically puts them in check buy saying you were WACK and "Yall dont fuck us, nigga We Fuck You".
9. 9 to 5: The album slows down again. On this song the ladies tell their man that they want him work them in the bed room like they would a job.
10. On Point: This is my JAM!!!! This song is pretty much a Binkie solo(she is my fave one!!!) The song is so cool to me. Binkie is basically saying that guys need to stay in their own lane. Dont come at her crazy, unless your "On Point" and breaking her off with some serious cash. My fave line is "Don't try to show out, when ya lil boys come to the house. Or Ill walk around this bitch in my Louboutin heels with my ass hanging out. U gotta know what ya looking at, if u want a bitch to holla back." I dont know why but I always smile on that part.
11. Drink In My Cup: ER emerged on the music scene with this song. This was their first single, and its one of my favorites! Its a feel good song. Just about going out with your friends, all which who are looking good. And you all have a little something to drink on.
12. Go Shawty: This song is just encouraging guys to go for it when it's time to put it down.
13. Kill Bill: This particular song Im not really feeling. I listend to it once, maybe twice and didn't like it at all. Sorry ER....
14. So Good Remix: This song is the same as the original just added a verse by Lil Wayne....HOT!

All in all the album is pretty dope! They are definitely bringing on the Girl Power that the Spice Girls leff behind, only they added A LOT more spice! Its obvious that Naomi is the lead singer and Binkie is the rapper, but Lesley & Sarah definitely make their presence known throughout the album. This cd is definitely worht PURCHASING!!! its only 7.99 on iTunes, and like 9.99 in the stores.