Saturday, March 28, 2009

"In A Perfect World..." Review

This past tuesday Keri Hilson FINALLY released her debut album "In A Perfect World..." Although this is Hilson's debut she is not new to the music industry. She first appeared on rapper Xzibits 2004 hit single "Hey Now(Mean Muggin). And has probably written some of your favorite songs. Some of her writing credits are:

LeToya Luckett-What Love Can Do
Ludacris-Runaway Love
Rich Boy-Good Things
T.I.-Lets Get Away
Britney Spears-Gimme More
Avant-4 Minutes
Omarion-Ice Box
Danity Kane-Right Now, Want It
P.Diddy-After Love
Chris Brown- Young Love
Ciara-Ooh Baby
This is just to name a few. Keri is now stepping out of the backgroung, and taking center stage. It has been three long years since Keri's music started leaking on the internet, and the wait is FINALLY over!!! This was definitely worth the wait because her album is pure FIRE. This is definitely going to be at the top of my list of "Brandon's fave cd's of 2009." Enough blabbering, here is my review:

Keri Hilson- In A Perfect World...

1. Intro-Keri lets everyone know "We bout to get it poppin" Nice beat and a nice introduction for the album.Love the the line "Rep where you're from, not where you live!"
2. Turnin Me On Ft. Lil Wayne- Connects with the intro. Love the song, but its kinda "blaaaaaah[!]" now.
3. Get Your Money Up ft. Keyshia Cole & Trina- Banging Beat. This song is definitely a summer anthem for all the ladies. Most guys probably wont care for it much, because they'll think the ladies are "male bashing" but OH WELL!!! I like the song! Keyshia's voice sounds nice on the hard beat. Nice switch up from the ballads we are used to hearing from her. Trina's verse is cool.
4. Return The Favor ft. Timbaland- The Way I Are pt.2??? Thats the feeling I get from this song. It has a futuristic beat and definitely sounds like it could be a hit Europe. Tim & Keri make awsome music, but at times this song seems a bit drawn out. Especially with the legnthy ending.
5.Knock You Down ft. KanYe West & ne-Yo- One word for the beat....SICK!!! Danja definitely did his thing with this one. the song tells a cool story, you think its just a average love song but as the song goes on you notice there is a twist and the song isnt as happy as you thought....
6.Slow Dance- Nice mid tempo with a 80's feel. Polow is on the beat so you know its HOT. This song definitely gives you a Ciara "Promise" feel. but Keri's vocal delivery is sooo sexy on the song. You cant help but to want to dance slowly & grind to this track!
7.Make Love-Amazing song! One of my favorites on the album. Keri shines vocally on this one. The chorus is so simple lyrically, but the vocal delivery takes it to another level.
8.Intuition- This is a song I was definitely eager to hear, after hear other peoples reaction to it. and I must admit I agree COMPLETELY. This song Vocally screams Beyonce, but thats not a bad thing in my opinion. The beat definitely reminds me of something Missy would come up with. It has a oriental sound. To it but its hot, the song is about a woman with feelings that her man may be cheating.
9.How Does It Feel. This song is decent. Timbalands intro was NOT needed. It kills the song for me. Keri definitely saves it ofcourse. Nice beat and the story is hot. Keri lets a cheating boyfriend know" You can keep feeling yourself, Imma be with somebody else!!" The song is basically just a girl asking a cheating boyfriend how would it feel if she turned the tables and did what he did. Very relateble concept.
10.Alienated- This particular song is a grower. I wasnt so crazy about it after the first listen. But after listening to the lyrics its a really great song about not being over a old love. Keri mixes singing and rapping kinda on this song, that also took a few listens to adjust to.
11.Tell Him The Truth-OVERALL FAVORITE TRACK!!! This song is FLAWLESS. The beat is perfect. and the concept is cool. While most female r&b singers sing about being heartbreak and cheating boyfriends, Keri switches it up and delivers a song about cheating on her guy and breaking HIS heart, and how its killing her inside by not telling him the truth.
12.Change Me-Not so much a fan of this song....Im not a Akon fan at all!!! Keri sounds nice tho!
13.Energy-Lead single. Nice track, everybody has heard this already...
14.Where Did He Go-This is the first leaked song I heard from Keri. I remember playing this FAITHFULLY on my iPod when I was still in high school!! Even tho this track is like 2-3 years old I still love it like its new! The concept is similar to Alienated.

Bonus Tracks:
Do It Ft. Tank-Hot song the two make good music together, but I prefer the original version of this song rather than the one that is on the album. Cool concept a bit racy, but her she's grown!

Quicksand-Once again Danja brings the HEAT!! The song is cool, another racy one! She refers to her bedroom skills as "quicksand" because once you get it, she pulls you in deeper and deeper, and you cant get out.

Hey Girl(Parton & Tequila) ft. Lil Jon & T-Pain-Well if you are a partier, drinker, or smoker this is definitley the song for you Keri says " Im off patron, tequila, Im drunk on margaritas. Patron, Tequilas, me and my mamma citas. Hey girl where yo drank? We all gone get real drunk tonite. Hey girl I got purp we can all get fucked up tonite!" This song is pretty funny, I can see why i didnt make the album tho.

Overall Keri Hilson "In A Perfect World..." is a great debut album. And shows that she is definitely a promising artist. This is a album that is definitely a album worth buying,if you havent already PLEASE go out and pick up your copy!!!

Keri Hilson In A Perfect World... instores and online NOW!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Beyonce's I AM...World Tour starts tonite!!!!!

So Beyonce kicks off her "I...Am" World tour tonite in Edmonton, AB(located in Canada for those who dont know). At the Rexal Place. This is the singers first tour since the AMAZING 2007 tour "The Beyonce Experience". On This tour Beyonce will be performing her old hits along with songs of her new "I Am...Sasha Fierce" cd(in stores now!!!) Ill try my best to keep everyone updated on the tour!!! Its so excited know that her concert is going on as I type this!!! lol. Beyonce teamed up with the legendary designer Thierry Mugler for costumes and creative direction! So you know the show is going to be FIERCE!!!!! Here is a look at some costumes he designed for the tour:

LOVE EM!!! They are definitely HOT Here is a list of Tour Dates:


26 March 2009 - Edmonton, AB
Rexall Place

27 March 2009 - Saskatoon, SK
Credit Union Centre

28 March 2009 - Winnipeg, MB
MTS Centre

31 March 2009 - Vancouver, BC
General Motors Place

1 April 2009 - Seattle, WA


26 April 2009 - ZAGREB, CROATIA
Arena Zagreb

28 April 2009 - VIENNA, AUSTRIA
Wiener Stadthalle

29 April 2009 - BUDAPEST, HUNGARY
Budapest Sportaréna

O2 Arena

Ahoy Rotterdam

Ahoy Rotterdam

5 May 2009 - PARIS, FRANCE
Omnisports Paris-Bercy


Sportpaleis Antwerpen

8 May 2009 - BERLIN, GERMANY
O2 World

10 May 2009 - HERNING, DENMARK
Messe Centre Herning



König Pilsener Arena

Hallenstadion Zurich

18 May 2009 - LISBON, PORTUGAL
Pavilhao Atlantico

19 May 2009 - MADRID, SPAIN
Palacio de Deportes

20 May 2009 - BARCELONA, SPAIN
Palau Sant Jordi

Metro Radio Arena

23 May 2009 - BIRMINGHAM, UK

25 May 2009 - LONDON, UK
O2 Arena

26 May 2009 - LONDON, UK
O2 Arena

27 May 2009 - MANCHESTER, UK
Manchester Evening News Arena

28 May 2009 - DUBLIN, IRELAND
The O2

30 May 2009 - DUBLIN, IRELAND
The O2

31 May 2009 - BELFAST, UK
Odyssey Arena

1 June 2009 - BELFAST, UK
Odyssey Arena

3 June 2009 - DUBLIN, IRELAND
The O2

4 June 2009 - DUBLIN, IRELAND
The O2

6 June 2009 - LIVERPOOL, UK
Echo Arena

7 June 2009 - SHEFFIELD, UK
Sheffield Arena

8 June 2009 - LONDON, UK
O2 Arena

9 June 2009 - LONDON, UK
O2 Arena

These are the only dates listed so far(she need to hurry with those damn US dates!!!) I hope the world is ready because Sasha Fierce is about to take over!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Im so excited its not even funny!!! Keri Hilson's debut album "In A Perfect World..." will FINALLY drop in less than 24 freakin hours!!!! I have been waiting for this album since 2006!!! thats THREE years. she appeared on Lloyd Banks sophmore album "Rotten apple" on his single "Help". This is also when her song "Where Did He Go" leaked. This is a honorary Keri Hilson post in celebration of her first album! So this is basically just a trip down memory lane for all the Keri Hilson fans, take a look at Ms. Hilson from the past to present. I hit up youtube & dailymotion for a little video collection of the videos she has been in during her career here you go:

2004 Xzibit ft. Keri Hilson-Hey Now (Mean Muggin)

2006 Lloyd Banks ft. Keri Hilson-Help

2006 Nelly Furtado-Promiscous(can you spot Keri???)

2007 Rich Boy-Throw Some D's(can you spot Keri???)

2007 Rich Boy ft. Polow Da Don & Keri Hilson-Good Things

2007 Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson & D.O.E-The Way I Are

2008 Timbabland ft. Nicole Scherzinger & Keri Hilson-Scream

2008 Nas ft. Keri Hilson-Hero

2008 Chris Brown ft. Keri Hilson-Superhuman

2008 Keri Hilson-Energy

2008-Keri Hilson ft. Timbaland-Return The Favor

2008 Keri Hilson ft. Lil Wayne-Turnin Me On

Okay kids this should hold you off until tomorrow! lol if not here is a bonus video of Keri(some little interview)

Be sure to check out Keri on BET's Access Granted TONITE!!! at 7:30pm she'll be shooting her NEW video ft. Kanye West & Ne-Yo for Knock You Down. And remember to check her out on 106 & Park tomorrow!!! "In A Perfect World..." is instores TOMORROW so go get it!!!!

Louis Vuitton's "Graffiti Collection"

So the amazing Louis Vuitton has teamed up with Stephen Sprouse and have created the "Stephen Sprouse Collection" better known as the "Graffiti Collection". And basically what it is is the classic LV look but with Neon letters all over it spelling out "Louis Vuitton" & "Paris". Now anyone who knows me knows that i LOVE LV and desperately want the "Bosphore Backpack"(which I am currently saving for!! lol) But this new graffiti line is AMAZING I wish they made more mens stuff tho just the thought of a graffiti backpack and or wallet makes me want to scream lol. Take a look at the new line:

This stuff is soooo cool! I wish i could afford those shoes!! But by time I get the money for them, they'll be old as hell brobably wont even be in the LV store anymore...Oh well Im still getting my backpack!!!

The Louis Vuitton Bosphore backpack is $1,400.00(plus tax ofcourse) just incase u want to treat yourself to one!!

Nicole Richie a la Lady Gaga

Well Nicole Richie Is on the Cover of "Black Book" Magazine and she is channeling Lady Gaga's style and is KILLING it!!!!Idk y she is in the magazine because I have not read the article. Supposedly tho, she is four months pregnant in these picturres...Take a look:

Nicki Looks FIERCE!!! I love the Louis Vuitton Graffiti Collection leggings she is rocking!!! Black Book is on newstands now!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Electrik Red likes Beyonce!!!

So Electrik Red performed at some club and they performed their 1st single "Drink In My Cup" and they mixed a little bit of Beyonce's "Single Ladies(Put A Ring On It)" into their performance check it out:

OMG Hotness!!! I like them even more now!!! Be Sure to pick up their debut "How To Be A Lady: Volume 1" on April 21, I know I will

Solange performing "Wouldve Been The One"

I love this song!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

LaTavia looking nice!!

Remember her???

Her name is LaTavia Roberson and she was in the ORIGINAL Destiny's Child. Anyway she has moved on with her life and left the DC drama behind her. After leaving the group she, and LeToya started a group of their own named Anjel:

After that didnt work LaTavia picked up the pieces once more and started acting in plays, and if Im not mistaken trying to make it as a solo artist. Last month she was spotted at former DC & Anjel group member LeToya's B'Day Bash looking good:

I love the new cut on her its very nice. And she looks pretty in the face. She actually used to be my favorite member in DC when they first came out. I remember having the BIGGEST crush on her(up until Bills Bills Bills, then Bee stole my heart!!)I hope she does come out as a solo artist cuz I would sure support her.

Two new Teairra Mari Photoshoots

Teairra Mari is definitely doing her thing and working hard trying to get her new album "At That Point" out there. I ran across two Photoshoots she did as promo for her album take a look:

Now these are the kind of pictures Teairra Mari needs to be taking, not those lil pin-up style pictures she was doing in "King" & "Black Men" Magazine. Teairra is a very beautiful girl and should rely on her talent to get her to where she needs to be, not her body.

Kelis out and about pregnant

Last weekend Kelis & Nas held a birhtday party for Kelis friend Damon Peruzzi. These are 1st pictures of Kelis pregnant with her 1st child(a boy!!):

I am soooooooo happy for Nas & Kelis I think they will make cool parents, especially Kelis but what the hell was she thinking with that damn blue hair??? Matching your hair color with your attire is NOT a good look on ANYBODY. Now Kelis usually nails it with her fashion imo but this is definitely a miss. Anyway hopefully she'll put out a new cd sometime after she has her baby, and Im still waiting her clothing line "Cake & Bread"

Pictures of Ciara On the set of "Love Sex Magic"

Ciara and Justin Timberlake recently shot a video for her new single "Love Sex Magic" in NYC. This is the second single to be lifted from Ciara's 3rd LP "Fantasy Ride" (Go Girl was just a "buzz" track" which is due on Cinco de Mayo 5.5.09 Here are some flix from the set:

The pictures look HOT!!! I cant wait to see the video. And Ill definitley be picking up Ciara's cd when it drops!!! Go get the new single on iTunes now!