Monday, October 19, 2009

Beyoncé Rereleases album for the BILLIONTH time along with a LIVE DVD!

"Gettin' Money, Divas gettin money!!"-Beyoncé : Diva

Beyoncé is truly "gettin money". Since The 2008 release of her latest album I Am...Sasha Fierce which recieved a Regular AND Deluxe edition release on the same day. She rereleased the album in June of 2009 and changed the title to Above And Beyoncé.This was a US release only. This Edition was just a bunch of Dance mixes along with music videos to all her singles. In Sep. of 09 she released it again but this was outside the US. It was titled I Am...Sasha Fierce Platinum Edition. It had all the album tracks including Ego ft. Kanye West, Why Dont You Love Me, And Honesty(A Billy Joel cover). Now on Nov. 24th She will be going up against Rihanna & Lady Gaga When she rereleases her album yet again! I Am...Sasha Fierce DELUXE edition will have the SAME songs as the first Deluxe edition along with a "new" song called Poison. It even has the same cover as the first cd only in color. Beyoncé had a four night gig in Las Vegas back 0n July 30th. that went until August 2nd. The series of concerts was COMPLETELY different from her I Am...World Tour. This was I Am...Yours. It was held at the Wynn Hotel in the Encore Theater. Along with the rerelease of her I Am...Sasha Fierce album Beyoncé will also be releasing the I Am...Yours Live DVD/CD. It was a VERY intimate show with only 1,500 seats. It was the first time Beyoncé ever had a show like it. It has a completely different setlist and the songs were ALL performed acousticly! This show is her version a MTV Unplugged gig. In fact it may be better! With me being a Beyoncé FANATIC I already know Ill be purchasing both items! Geez louise, thats gonna hurt my little pockets! Live DVD. Live CD. Deluxe edition PLUS Rihanna's NEW album!!! I Better start saving...

Incase you dont already have them go and pick ALL the other versions of I Am...Sasha Fierce for yourself!

I Am...Sasha Fierce(regular edition)

I Am...Sasha Fierce(deluxe edition)

Above and Beyoncé

I Am...Sasha Fierce(platinum edition, only sold overseas so u have to order it!)

I Am...Sasha Fierce(deluxe edition)

Beyoncé I Am...Yours

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