Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kelly Rowland: The Commader n Chief

Kelly Rowland is getting ready to release a new album later this year. This will be her first album since parting ways with both Columbia Records and Music World Management(Mathew Knowles). Kelly teamed up with French producer David Guetta and they created a WORLD WIDE smash hit "When Love Takes Over". Kelly has just inked a new deal with Universal/Motown Records and even has new management! Things are looking good for Ms.Rowland, however this is only the beginning. I am extremely excited for Kelly but at the same time i am VERY nervous. Kelly has a completely new team behind her so I dont know what to expect from how she will be handled I just hope it will be 10 times better than the way she was handled in the past. With the success of her song with Guetta Kelly has decied to go in a "new" direction which is dance infused with R&B. I dont know why this surprises anybody Because Rowland was NEVER a strictly urban artist nor was DC. Kelly is gearing up for her 1st official single titled "Commander". This song is pure FIRE! Everytime I listen to it I just want to dance! I am still confused as to if this is only the international single or if the states will have the same single aswell. Rowland has been making her rounds and generating a nice little buzz for herself and I am soooooooo happy to finally see the wheels turning for the fresh new start to her career. Kelly was recently in London and did two VERY good interviews where she talked about EVERYTHING check them out:

That Grape Juice (part 1)

Kelly Rowland - That Grape Juice Interview (Part 1) from Sam A on Vimeo.

That Grape Juice (part 2)

Kelly Rowland - That Grape Juice Interview (Part 2) from Sam A on Vimeo.

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Behind The Scenes on Commander set

if you haven't already go and pick up Kellys first two albums and her new single off iTunes!

Rihanna releases new video "Rockstar 101"

Yesterday Robyn "Rihanna" Fenty released her 5th video off her last album Rated R. The black and white Melina directed video is very.....strange to say the least! Don't get me wrong I think the video is pure HOTNESS but RiRi's videos just seem to be getting darker and darker....Rihanna is seen in black face wearing chains, sporting horned head dresses and even playing dress up as legendary rockstar Slash. check out the video for yourself:

Rihanna - Rockstar 101 found on R&B

In other Rihanna news she is releasing ANOTHER video very soon! Rockstar 101 is the US single the rest of the world will be getting "Te Amo" the video was shot last month in Paris. She is currently in Europe on tour! She'll begin tour the US in july! If you havent already purchased your tickets maybe these clips will convince you!

The Rihanntourage trailer:

Live Nation "Last Girl On Earth Trailer":

Rated R is available everywhere NOW!