Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beyoncé in Prague

Today Beyoncé, or should I say Sasha Fierce made her way into CZECH REPUBLIC and performed in the popular city Prague. The show ended just hours ago but there is already photos and video sworming all over the net! Here are some videos, pics and even a review!!!
Clearly Sasha was getting BUSY on stage and still remaining FIERCE!!
Prague - show full of dance tunes, rich choreography, changing costumes, video and women on the stage offered Beyoncé first performance in the Czech Republic. In Prague's O2 arena offered American singer in the framework of its tour with the name I am ... songs from the last album I am ... Sasha fierce and old hits, including memories of her former group Destiny's Child.Koncert after the discovery of performances last year lost in the role of Mark předkapely started Beyoncé grand introduction during which emerging from the fog lights and the outline of its leggy figure. Hvězda current rhytm & blues according to organizers attracted 12,000 spectators, including women and girls prevailed. The audience, before the arrival of Beyoncé fun Mexican waves. Singer them as the first song offered after intra Deja Vu.

Sedmadvacetiletá artist, the whole name Beyoncé Giselle Knowlesová, some took their performances as a romantic duel singer wearing white clothes to procítěnější and singing songs such as Ave Maria, with its spontánnějším alter egem Sasha fierce in disguises resembling a tiger skin with a faster type of songs: Baby Boy. Romantic location and match video, for example, when Beyoncé vyvýšeném on stage singing in the background of sea waves.

On stage with a few inputs two dancers in the role of women prevailed sboristek, dancers and musicians accompanying the group. Attention early next Beyoncé gave three mighty sboristky. Part of the concert was also acrobatic insert when Beyoncé suspended on ropes made several loop high above the heads of the audience and withstand the small stage located between the audience on Wednesday O2 Arena, where the show continued. According to the organizers of this number belonged to the traditional celebration of witches, which is just for today. Several girls even obeyed the call came, and organizers in disguises as a witch. Broom was, however, prohibited.

At center stage similar to those used last year in the same place Céline Dionová, use Beyoncé close contact with the auditorium to a contact with the audience. Several songs recalled its successful performance in the girls' band Destiny's Child and the song Say My Name the alley between people under the supervision of security returned to the scene.

Beyoncé and her dancers and members of the accompanying band during a concert reportedly dressed 58 costumes. The author is a fashion designer and film director Thierry Mugler, who was in charge of the choreography throughout the show, and the proposal scene. During the actual show have been hits if I were a Boy or Diva, which has gained in the world hitparádách. The conclusion remarks included a full album I am ... Sasha fierce, from the enthusiastic reception which the audience heard Single Ladies hit a catchy song Hello by the singer odzpívala number of people present.

Beyoncé arrived to Prague from Budapest and continues across the whole of Europe until severoirského Belfast, where the date of 31 May this part of the concert line closes. The tour will visit to Asia, Africa and Australia.

Beyoncé is in the music industry pushed through at the end 90.let účinkováním girls in the band Destiny's Child. In 2003 published a successful solo album Dangerously in Love with the hits Crazy In Love, Baby Boy, Me, Myself and I, for which prices gained five Grammy, including designation as best international artist. After the Destiny's Child in 2005, followed by another success with plate B'day, which, among other things, discovered the Shakira duet Beautiful Liar. Dvojalbum I am ... Sasha fierce appeared last November. In the same year married his longtime boyfriend, rapper Shawna Carter, who performs under the artistic name of Jay-Z. Promote the well as an actress in the new version of the Rose Pantera, comedy Austin Powers - goldmember and musical Dreamgirls, which was inspired by the life story of Diana Ross.

Great review!! credit for review and


BANANAS!!!! I can't wait to see this show in person!!!

Beyoncé performed at Prague's O2 Arena

Beyonce takes over Hungary

So Last nite Beyonce brought her "I Am.." world tour to Budapest Hungary once again she managed to do some more shopping(i wish I had her bank account!!!)PhotobucketHere the star is seen signing an autograph for a fan while out & about in Budapest. Her concert took place at the Budapest Sportaréna.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beyonce tears it up in Austria

Beyonce is currently in Europe on her "I Am.." World tour. The Second stop on the tour was in Vienna which is a large city in Austria. She performed for a nearly sold out crowd. here is some news coverage from the show:

I dont if it was before or after the show but she managed to cram in some shopping and sight seeing time while in Vienna.
FIERCE!!! Her Polka-dot bra is so sexy lol
Her concert was held at the "Wiener Stadthalle"


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This girl can SING!!!!

Have u heard Chrisette Michele's new song Epiphany??? I love this damn song!!!!!

Be sure to cop Chrisette Michele's new album "Epiphany" due out 5.5.2009


Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday too....

Keri Lynn Hilson!!!!(just wanted to get that in there b4 the day was over lol!)

Review Of Beyonce in Zagreb...

So Lastnite Beyonce kicked off the European leg of her "I Am..." World tour in Zagreb, Croatia. This was Beyonce's first time EVER performing in the country, and she attracted quite a crowd! A fan name Nejc from Slovenia(Croatia's neighbor counrty) posted a review of the show and here it is:

"When we arrived at the arena, I was shocked. The arena was so beautiful. It was absolutely gorgeous.They started to let us in at 7 PM. Then we sat down and chatted, we were so anxious to see our queen Bee. They played Solange's album and the tour commercial all the time. Afterwards, a DJ came on and played songs like nelly's maneater, single ladies, etc... The crowd was so ready for Beyoncé!

At approximately 9.20 PM, the lights went off and it began. Epic music started playing and it sounded like a spaceship had landed. It was amazing. Then the curtains opened and there she was, the almighty Beyoncé. She just stood there for a minute or two and began to sAAAAANG Deja Vu. Then she went into Crazy In Love and etc.

Her voice was flawless - let me just say that when you hear her sing your life suddenly makes sense. My favourite vocal moments were : Scared of Lonely (HOLY COW), Hello, Halo, In The Arms of an Angel (it was nearly acapella, just piano and her - BEAUTIFUL). Everything was live (even Single Ladies). Vocally she is the best singer out there. No one can top that.

The costumes were GORGEOUS - my favourite one was the first one because it was so sparkly. These costumes look amazing live - much better than on youtube.

Her dancing has gotten so much better! She was an amazing dancer during the B'DAY era, but now she just kills it! She had so much energy - I was wondering how the hell can someone so tiny have SO MUCH energy and such a big heart.

She loved us - she told us that every second, she said she will definitely come back as soon as she can.

The stage was bigger than during the previous tour, the lights were so amazing and the screen is really HD - you see every pore on her skin. Seriously.

She filled our hearts with joy and happiness. I think we were all in shock at how good she is at what she does. This isn't something you can learn to do - she was BORN to do this, she was born to touch our hearts with her songs and she was born to inspire us. The arena was huge but her heart and her good soul lighted up the place. She was glowing. It just confirmed what I already knew - no one can top her. She will always prove the haters wrong no matter what!"

Here is a professional review from a Zagreb critic:

The two hour concert in Zagreb held the public in euphoria. However, it seemed Beyoncé was enjoying it too. She promised to come again…

ZAGREB, CROATIA - On Sunday night, just before midnight, Beyoncé said farewell to Zagreb’s public.

“You were great, thank you so much. I will come here again whenever you want” said Beyoncé and left the stage with a big smile on her face.

Concert delights Zagreb residents

The designer Thierry Mugler has thought of some excellent creations for Beyoncé. She looked fragile in white, dangerous in black, and in gold she was fiery and uninhibited.
Zagreb has not had the opportunity to see such a concert that Beyoncé held until now. The background featured one huge and two small screens so that even those in the back row could see the big, but humble star. There was certainly something to see. Where should we start? Beyoncé sings just as well as in her studio albums, and her energetic performance with attractive dancers and choreography simply hypnotises you.

Besides attracting attention with her luxurious body and fantastic clothing by designer Thierry Mugler, Beyoncé radiates an incredible energy that can be felt when the strong, self confident and aggressive Sasha gets into her, which is what Beyoncé likes to call herself when she is on stage.

But considering that Sasha Fierce brought along B for the concert, Zagreb’s full Arena enjoyed the live performance of nearly all of her most famous ballads, and the song “At Last” during which the screens showed Barack and Michelle Obama dancing during the inauguration.

Beyoncé sung every song and visually presented it in an incredible way. It is hard to describe, you have to experience it.

Flying, singing, dancing, jumping…

We were lucky that Beyoncé started her “I Am…” tour in Zagreb, because she certainly gave her best performance. The concert started with the great hit “Crazy in Love”, and her two hour performance was split into a number of parts. Every five or six songs Beyoncé would leave the stage to change clothes. During this time, the dancers and backup vocals and instrumentalists showed what they know. They were all accompanied off stage by a huge applause and whistles of approval, because such a production was unthinkable up until now in Zagreb. Beyoncé and her team probably know exactly how many minutes it is polite for the star to be away from the stage, and she appears just as you start asking yourself where she is, because after all, you are not there to watch the dancers.

However, then she appears high over the stage and public, hanging on ropes and flying over the delighted crowd. What to say? Only large pop stars that have invested a lot into production can do this, who do not leave anything to chance. Judging by the positive comments by the masses of people patiently waiting to leave the overcrowded parking lots after the concert, you can confidently advise anyone to take the first opportunity to see Beyoncé in concert. Regardless of if you are a huge fan or just like her.

Seems like Beyonce is KILLING it on this tour!! The show took place at Zagreb's Arena Zagreb:

Here is a picture of the audience:

I guess its pretty safe to say the show was sold out...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sasha Invades Zagreb

Today on 4.26.2009 Beyonce's "I Am..." World tour OFFICIALLY kicked off in Zagreb, Croatia. This is the first stop on The European leg of the tour. Beyonce touched down in Zagreb only hours before the show. Here are pictures of her and her mom arriving in Zagreb:




The concert took place at Arena ZagrebPhotobucket

Once a review hits the net, I will be sure to post it.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Keri upsets a fan in Detroit

So some guy on youtube met Keri Hilson in Detroit at a album signg and claims she was a "rude concieted bitch!" Here is legnthy video rant:

I dont believe it at all! for one, if you dont like someone why buy there album to begin with?? I understand his siblings were with him, but he couldve easily bought them a cd and let them meet her. He didnt have to buy a cd and get a autograph for him self. He was obviously excited as hell because he made it a point to take a video of himself waiting in line. Secondly, in the video he puts the camera on Keri where you can CLEARLY see her coughing. And her "assistant" can be heard saying "once you get your autograph PLEASE keep the line moving." Now out of all the meet & greets Ive been apart of people dont say this, so there was a sign rite there for you that this was only a "meet" not a "greet". But Im sorry he didnt have a good time meeting Ms. Hilson oh well...

Beyonce FINALLY unveils her "I Am..." US tour dates!!!

For all you people living under a rock, Beyonce is embarking on a world tour for her current char topping "I Am...Sasha Fierce" double album. The "I AM..." Tour has already Taken Canada by storm, and will invade Eroupe at the end of April all before hitting the US, Australia, and the rest of the globe. She has been announcing her tour dates by the country/Continent. Here are the dates for her US leg:

Sun/Jun-21 New York City, NY Madison Square Garden
Wed/Jun-24 Washington DC Verizon Center
Fri/Jun-26 Philadelphia, PA Wachovia Center**
Sat/Jun-27 Greensboro, NC Greensboro Coliseum Complex
Mon/Jun-29 Ft Lauderdale, FL Bank Atlantic Center
Wed/Jul-1 Atlanta, GA Philips Arena
Fri/Jul-3 New Orleans, LA Superdome (Essence Music Festival)
Sat/Jul-4 Houston, TX Toyota Center**
Sun/Jul-5 Dallas, TX American Airlines Center
Tue/Jul-7 Phoenix, AZ US Airways Center
Thu/Jul-9 Sacramento, CA Arco Arena
Fri/Jul-10 Oakland, CA Oracle Arena
Sat/Jul-11 Anaheim, CA Honda Center
Mon/Jul-13 Los Angeles, CA Staples Center
Thu/Jul-16 Minneapolis, MN Target Center
Fri/Jul-17 Chicago, IL United Center
Sat/Jul-18 Detroit, MI Palace of Auburn Hills
Thu/Jul-23 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun
Thu/Jul-30 Las Vegas, NV Encore Theater, Wynn Las Vegas
Fri/Jul-31 Las Vegas, NV Encore Theater, Wynn Las Vegas
Sat/Aug-1 Las Vegas, NV Encore Theater, Wynn Las Vegas
Sun/Aug-2 Las Vegas, NV Encore Theatre, Wynn Las Vegas

I must admit these tour dates kinda suck! She is leaving out A LOT of places she normally visits while in the US....But lets face it She cant go EVERYWHERE so I guess fans are going to have to do a little bit of traveling if they want to witness Sasha Fierce in person! Luckily for me, Beyonce is coming to Oakland and Sacramento so Ill have not one but TWO chances to see this concert, and I plan to attend to take full advantage of these opportunities! Im assuming the 4 nights in Las Vegas will be to shoot her live DVD since its the "Encore" for the US leg of the tour. Beyonce is also keeping in mind the recession, so everyone can afford to see her in person! tickets range from $129.50 all the way down to $20.00!!(I'll be getting a 20 buck ticket in Sac)So there is no reason for you to miss out on the action! All dates go on sale Sat.April 25 at 10:00am local time. But if you can't wait you can join Beyonce's official fan club for $19.99 and pre-order your tickets this monday!!! 10:00am local time. You better go get your tickets!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some More Fierceness!!!

For all of you who dont know Beyonce & Sasha are currently on a hiatus. I personally think Bee is shooting new videos(rumors have it that there will be a new video anthology and a I!!!)One thing thats for sure is that she is re-working some of the the things on her "I Am...World Tour" including the opening number. On the first nite she opened with "Sweet Dreams" Then switched to "Deja Vu", then she changed her mind again and opened with "Crazy In Love" and changed it a medley of DV & CIL. But according to one of her back up dancers she will not be starting the show with any of those songs! So I guess we'll have to wait untill Beyonce & Sasha invade Zagreb, Croatia on April 26th to see what Fierceness they have come up with now!!! Anyway I found a HQ video on youtube with the DV/CIL Opening check it out:

Talk about Fierce!!! That was HOT. I am so excited for this tour. I can't wait till it hits the US!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Guess who's back

Nic & Nat!!!! Known to the world as Nina Sky!!! They have a new single & video called "On Some Bullsh**t" and a new album "The Musical". I love Nina Sky, but this song is not cute! Nor is the video. Take a look for yourself:

They had other tracks leak that were way hotter than this!!!

Flippin That ft. Rick Ross(1st single worthy!!!)

Secrets(hot song)

Really Didnt Matter(Another banger!!)

All of these couldve been chosen! Best of luck to Nicole & Natalie. Ill be picking up my copy of "The Musical" once it hits the shelves.

Peep this old video for a mixtape track they did called "Time 2 Go" ft. Angie Martinez.

I used to LOVE this song. the video is funny but very bootleg....


Electrik Red have now released a Remix to their already hot song "So Good" it features Lil Wayne and they even shot a video:

They look cute! But Im not really feeling the video, although I understand why it was shot. Be on the look out for their debut "How To Be A Lady Vol. 1" In stores & online May 26,2009!!!

She's Coming.....

Are YOU ready to be entertained? I for sure am!!! Check out these videos os Beyonce/Sasha tearing it up!!!

Sweet Dreams:

Dangerously In Love:

one word.....FIERCE!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for this tour!!! I know its gonna be the best!! Be sure to get your tickets as soon as they go on sale.

The reason I posted these two vidz is because they have both been AXED out of the show!!!! Hopefully she will but them back especially the DIL/Sweet Love medley...