Sunday, December 13, 2009

Amerie In Love & War Review

Amerie debuted with her first album "All I Have" in 2002. It was her 2005 hit "1 Thing" that really put her on the map. That is when Amerie revieled her true style and signature sound. Amerie is now known for her sound which consists of heavy drums and other live instruments. It's very reminiscent to the DMV area's go-go music. Amerie recently released her fourth studio album titled "In Love & War" and on this album she mixes her signature sound with old school hip hop but also adds a few nice mid tempo's and ballads in the mix. Here is my review:

1. Tell Me You Love Me- Amerie opens the album with a funky upbeat song where she tries to persuade a man the she will make him fall in love with her. 4/5
2. Heard Em All- This the second single lifted from the album. I didnt like it at first listen but once I saw the video I fell in love with the song. Now I listen to it all the time! 5/5
3. Dangerous- Another funky tune. The beat reminds me alot of Kill Bill. It sounds like something that would played during a fight scene. I dont really care for the song too much...3/5
4. Higher- One of the albums stand out tracks! I don't know what it is about this particular song but I love it! 5/5
5. Why R U- Classic Amerie song. Also the lead single. 4/5
6. Pretty Brown ft. Trey Songz- Mint Condition some= HOTNESS! Pretty Brown Eyes is on of my favorite old school jams. Amerie and Trey definitely did this song justice!
7. More Than Love ft. Fabolous- I like this song A LOT! It's a song about relationships. basically asking how can we call it love when we dont trust eacother and the only time we're good is when we make love. Kinda makes you question your own relationship....5/5
8. Swagback- This is a solid mid-tempo joint. 3/5
9.You're A Star(Interlude)-This wasn't really needed imo...She is just repeating herself...
10. Red Eye-This song is SEXY I like it! Everything about it. The beat, airy vocals,the melody. This song is PERFECTION 5/5
11. The Flowers- The albums first ballad. I enjoyed this song, its the perfect song to play for someone when you breakup with them. Basically just letting them know all the things they SHOULD HAVE been doing to keep you! 4/5
12. Different People- This is probably my favorite song on the album. Its about a relationship gone bad because the man has changed so much from the man he used to be and Amerie can no longer take it. 5/5
13. Dear John- Another Ballad Nicely put together 4/5
14. Heard Em All remix ft. Lil Wayne- Same as original only with Weezy adding some hot rhymes 5/5

Amerie is SERIOUSLY slept on! This album is a REALLY good album and if you dont already have it GO OUT AND BUY IT NOW! This is most definitely goin on my "Top albums of '09" list!

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