Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rihanna "Rated R" Review

After her 2007 release of Good Girl Gone Bad Robyn Rihanna Fenty FINALLY Released her new album Rated R last month. Here is my review.

1.Mad House- Interesting start to the album, very dark and kinda spooky! Definitely sets a tone for what is to come.3/5
2.Wait Your Turn- Rihanna goes back to her island roots on this one! The beat is hard and is a fusion of rock and hip hop but Rihanna serves it up island style on the verses with a THICK carribean accent. Im not sure if I get the song but it sounds nice 4/5
3.Hard ft. Young Jeezy- If Beyonce's song Diva had a little sister this would be it! I like the song a lot and I hate to compare the two women but this is just sounds like her version of Diva...3/5
4.Stupid In Love- This is where the album takes a more personal turn. This song is about realizing that the bad relationsip you're in will never work and finally giving up.
5.Rockstar 101 ft. Slash- I LOVE this song! Its so aggressive! This song is basically her saying "Im the sh*t b*tches!!" favorite line "6inch walker/big sh*t talker/I've never played the victim/I rather be a stalker/so baby take me in/I disobey the law/make sure you frisk me good/check my panties & my bra!"
6.Russian Roulette-This song is like crack to my ears! I dont know how many times Ive played it but I know its a lot!
7.Fire Bomb- This song was a grower but I absolutely love it! Its pop mixed with alternative/rock.4/5
8.Rude Boy-Rihanna gets naughty on this song! The only thing that comes to mind when I hear this song is sex! And for some reason the song reminds me of Beyonce...I like it! 5/5
9.Photographs-It took a while for me to like this song because i used to HATE it but this is really good song about love lost. 4/5
10.G4L- "I lick the gun when Im dont cuz I know revenge is sweet/ Im down for life, b*tch Im wit you/we got our guns in the motherf*ckin air/Gangster 4 Life!!" 3/5
11.Te Amo- The beat SCREAMS Ms. Independent but the song is hot. Its about going out to dance and girl coming onto you on the dancefloor. Rihanna is thrown off but keeps on dancing! 4/5
12.Cold Case Love- Another personal song. The lyrics are good but something makes the song seem kinda...boring...3/5
13.The Last Song-Rihanna shows a lot of vocal growth on this song! The song is repetitive tho...but I love her vocals! 4/5

This is a GREAT follow up to Good Girl Gone Bad. Out of all four of Rihanna's albums none of them sound the same. Rihanna always seems to find a way to reinvent herself each time which is what a artist SHOULD do! She definitely is not afraid to take risks! The album is very aggressive and has quite a bit of profanity which is not something youre used to hearing from Robyn but its all good with me! Another GOOD album from RiRi!! Definitely worth BUYING!!!

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