Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rihanna Video premiere: "Wait Your Turn"

With the new album "Rated R" dropping in just THREE weeks Rihanna promo is in FULL force. Today she released her single Russian Roulette to online music vendor iTunes, aswell as put the album up for pre-order(this is usually done a week prior to the releases.) The Russian Roulette video is expected to premiere friday Nov 13th on 20/20. This thursday Rihanna will have her first sit down interviews with Good Morning America and 20/20!Def Jam is going all out for Ms. Robyn! Today her official website rihannanow.com premiered the video to the dual single "Wait Your Turn". Check it out:

....Idk what to say! The video is...interesting to say the least. Rihanna has clearly surpassed the "Good Girl Gone Bad" image and has gone to the next video. Im not sure if I get what she is trying to do but I kinda like it! I'll be picking up Rated R on 11.23.09 will you?

Chris Brown Unviels Graffiti Cover

The Ball has started rolling for Chris Browns return! He has two singles "I Can Transform Ya" ft. Swizz Beatz & Lil Wayne. And "Crawl". He is currently on a "Fan Appreciation" tour with special guest New Boyz. And his new album "Graffiti" is due on Dec 15th. Check Out the cover:

The cover is cool! I don't really understand the little space jam looking monters in the bottom right corner. He could've worn some less tight pants...But other than those too things the cover is dope! I LOVE the Sasha Fierce glove!

Frankie On Judge Mathis!

Poor Frankie, she just can't seem to catch a break! A "club promoter" claimed he would be able to work with her and get her club appearances. He claims she broke the contract, she claims he did. Watch the story unfold for yourself....

Two words: HOT MESS!! Im glad Frankie won! And I can't wait for the second season of the Frankie & Neffie Show!