Sunday, August 16, 2009

Melanie Fiona Energy Live Sessions

So Melanie Fiona is a new R&B singer from Toronto. She has a single on radio & tv called "Give It To Me Right". She is gearing up for the US release of her debut Album "The Bridge" which drops this tuesday! 08/18/2009. She did a performance at a unknown club in Zurich(Switzerland). Four songs are on the net check them out here:

Monday Morning:

It Kills Me:

Give It To Me Right:

Heartless(Kanye Cover)

Give It To Me Right Video:

WOW! Melanie did her thing on these performances! She can definitely SING I like how the 1st song started off slow and then picked up a little. Her style reminds me of Solange a little bit. She mixes modern R&B with old school motown. Her Heartless cover was nice I liked the Reggae feel she gave to it, then switched it over to hip hop with a dash of rock! She is SICK! The Bridge drops 08/18/2009 Grab a copy, I think this will be a hot one! Definitely expect a FULL review of it sometime this week.

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