Friday, May 29, 2009

How To Be A Lady Vol. 1 Review

L-R Binkie, Lesley, Sarah, Naomi

So This past tuesday Electrik Red released their debut album "How To Be A Lady Vol. 1". Its quite ironic that they titled their album that because, the album cover alone is everything a woman is NOT stereotypically. Once these women open their mouths and you hear they rauchy lyrics, and song topics you see just what kind "ladies" they are aiming to be. They all got their start at being video vixens and back up dancers for the hottest celebs. Binkie & Lesley hooked up to form a group and asked Sarah to be apart of it, Sarah agreed but insisted that her friend Naomi be in the group aswell. The ladies later hooked up with The-Dream and the rest is history! Enough blabbering! Here is my review:

1. Muah: ER starts things off with a mid-tempo female power type of song. It's definitely a feel good song for all the ladies across the globe. The ladies let you know "shawty Im the shit, with this shit!" The song doesnt dig too deep into concept but they definitely get their point across.
2. So Good: This song is definitely one of my faves! Serving as the main single, this song is another mid-tempo song about a girl who falls in love with a man who is involved with anoteher woman! She was fully aware of this but since the sex was "so good" she cant let him go!
3. Devotion: ER slows things down on this sexy number. This song is like a hot summer nite riding song! Just roll the windows down and and let the beat blast through your speakers!
4. Freaky Freaky: This is another "slower" song. Naomi sings over the hard beat with a airy sex kitten tone. While Binkie backs her up, and Sarah handles the pre-chorus with her smooth, sultry vocals.
5. Bed Rest: This number is sexual song. The girls sing about a past lover who they just can seem to get over, the man didnt do anything bad to them, but he always gave it up whenever it was needed. And now that he is gone, they are on bed rest awaiting his turn.
6. Friend Lover: Things pick back up with this funky song. As soon as it starts you automatically feel like your in the 80's and just want to dance. Which is a good thing because this song is a GREAT summer song and radio friendly, the topic however.....A friend lover is nothing more than a jump off! You all know, that one person(maybe more depending how nasty you are) that you can call when you need a little "lovin". They are not your companion, but a sex buddy. That's pretty much the topic of this song.
7. P Is For Power: On this song ER disses guys that are trying to get at them, but unfortunately are not on their level. In order to get one of these sexy ladies you have to have a lot money!!!! If not then "U ain't gettin no P!!!!!"
8. W.F.Y.: I remember seeing them live and being shocked at what they were saying! You know how some guys( me not being one of them!) like to brag about their skills, or run their mouths to all their friends about how freaky the person they last slept with was? Well ER basically puts them in check buy saying you were WACK and "Yall dont fuck us, nigga We Fuck You".
9. 9 to 5: The album slows down again. On this song the ladies tell their man that they want him work them in the bed room like they would a job.
10. On Point: This is my JAM!!!! This song is pretty much a Binkie solo(she is my fave one!!!) The song is so cool to me. Binkie is basically saying that guys need to stay in their own lane. Dont come at her crazy, unless your "On Point" and breaking her off with some serious cash. My fave line is "Don't try to show out, when ya lil boys come to the house. Or Ill walk around this bitch in my Louboutin heels with my ass hanging out. U gotta know what ya looking at, if u want a bitch to holla back." I dont know why but I always smile on that part.
11. Drink In My Cup: ER emerged on the music scene with this song. This was their first single, and its one of my favorites! Its a feel good song. Just about going out with your friends, all which who are looking good. And you all have a little something to drink on.
12. Go Shawty: This song is just encouraging guys to go for it when it's time to put it down.
13. Kill Bill: This particular song Im not really feeling. I listend to it once, maybe twice and didn't like it at all. Sorry ER....
14. So Good Remix: This song is the same as the original just added a verse by Lil Wayne....HOT!

All in all the album is pretty dope! They are definitely bringing on the Girl Power that the Spice Girls leff behind, only they added A LOT more spice! Its obvious that Naomi is the lead singer and Binkie is the rapper, but Lesley & Sarah definitely make their presence known throughout the album. This cd is definitely worht PURCHASING!!! its only 7.99 on iTunes, and like 9.99 in the stores.

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