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LeToya Luckett Lady Love Review

LeToya Luckett is a lady of many different sides and personalities. As a member of the group Destiny's Child she played the role "goofy" member. LeToya displays her many different sides in her music. Her debut album "LeToya" came out in 2006. The album was great, and it gave an idea of what a "H-Town chick" really was. The album consisted of many different topics from love to partying, to heartbreak. But This album only showcased the young H-Town chick. which is only one side of LeToya. Now Ms. Luckett is back with her sophmore album appropiately titled "Lady Love". The album consists of many different songs showcasing the many sides of not only a young woman but love general, it shows the good and bad and how it can affect someone. In my review I'll break down the album song by song and give my opinion on each one and the album as a whole.

1. Lady Love: The album starts of with the soft sound of a music box, but quickly switches gears to an infectious beat and LeToya singing in a sexy and sultry voice. This song is a ladies anthem. Letoya lets a man know that no other woman around can do for him all that she can. She lets him know she's a independent lady but can accomidate all of his needs. 4/5

2. She Ain't Got...: This Cory Bold produced track is definitely a stand out track. I mean, who can't relate to this??? LeToya's voice flows over the rapid beat and the lyrics are VERY sassy! She let's a cheating boyfriend know that the "hoe" that he is cheating ain't got sh*t on her! 5/5

3. Not Anymore: This Ne-Yo written song is where the album shifts to a slower pace. The song is a piano driven ballad. The song is about a broken-hearted girl who finally opens her eyes and realizes that she deserves way more that what her so called boyfriend is giving her. Although I like this song I don't feel it was a good single choice, being that is was her 1st single off of the album. 3/5

4. Lazy: I'll be honest, when I first heard this song when it leaked I thought to myself "blaaaaaaah[!]" I thought the song was boring, but I wasnt really listening to the lyrics. This song is off the hook! LeToya sits her man down and lets him know that she no longer wants to be in a relationship, because she is afraid of the heartbreak that may come. She has been so much in the past that her heart has given up on love all together and has become "lazy".

5. Good To Me: This is my favorite song on the album, When I heard this song I couldn't believe this was the same LeToya from the debut album. LeToya lists all the things she wants in a man, and lets it be known when she finds this man she will love him unconditionally. 5/5

6. Over: On this song LeToya warns her man that if he were to ever cheat on her that the relationship would be "over". Things in the relationship don't seem to be going too smoothly from the lyrics, but she warns him before he makes a big mistake and loses everything they have. 4/5

7.Regret(Ft. Ludacris) I guess the guy didn't take Toya's advice! This song is a anthem for anyone who has ever been cheated on. LeToya lets the cheating man know "I made you cool. You wasn't that dude, until I started f*****g with you!" She basically tells him that everything he had, he got from her, and that he is now nothing without her. Ludacris comes in as the "new" boyfriend and basically lets the old guy know he is gonna do all that the other man was incapable of doing. 5/5

8. I Need A U: Lady Love unleashes her sexy side on this track! She sings over a soft bass beat in a airy yet sultry tone very reminiscent of Janet Jackson. She cries that whenever she is alone in her room at nite she needs a man to keep her keep her company and do all the things that lovers do. This song showcases a side of LeToya that has not been showcased atleast not to this extent. Instead of a usual bridge LeToya speaks about how wished she had a man with her at that very moment. The song then climaxes with a electric guitar that goes into the final chorus. 5/5

9. Take Away Love(Ft. Estelle) LeToya gets help from UK singer/Rapper Estelle on a song where she tells a man that she no longer wants to be in a relationship. You can say this song is basically the same like Lazy because generally speaking it is. However if you listen closer they are completely different, This song is about a guy who just cant get a clue. She has tried over & over to let him know he is not who or where she wants to be, so her final option is to take her love away. Estelle's verse is dope! 3/5

10. After Party: This song is probably the only song on the album that I dont particularly care for. It's just not my style. Its almost like everything she says goes in one ear and out the other because I can't begin to tell you what the song is about..... 2/5

11.Drained: This is my JAM! LeToya turns the tables which is something I love when female singers do. Instead of singing about getting her own heart broken she sings about breaking her mans heart and draining him of all of his love. She later pleads for forgiveness and another chance. 4/5

12. Tears: LeToya gets sexy once again! This song is pretty dope. Its about a lady who allows her man to take complete control, but not in a bad way. It is up to the listener to choose whether it is a sexual or emotional type of control. Whatever the case may be the tears she has are tears of joy. 4/5

13.Matter: On this song Toya pleads with a man who has left her for another woman. She tells him that The woman he is now with will never be able to love him the way she does. She pleads with him to come back to her and lets him know the other woman doesn't matter to her. 5/5

14.Love Rollercoaster(Mims & LeToya): I like this song A LOT! This song is SO relatable! Mims Obviously plays the guy in the relationship and spits verses about how the the girl cant seem to keep a stable mood, and how his girl be trippin on him making mountains out of molehill. While LeToya swears that its all on him and that he has changed his ways from what they used to be, which causes her to feel like she is on a emotional rollercoaster. 5/5

15. Don't Need U: This is a great song! Its about finally realizing that you can do without your ex. After all, there IS a reason why you left them, right? On This song LeToya lets her ex know that there are no hard feelings. And she will continue to carry on with her life, rather that soak in her hearkbreak. 4/5

16. Don't Let Me Get Away(iTunes Bonus Track): This drum driven and clap assisted track is nice. LeToya sings over the beat to a guy who is beginning to drop the ball when it comes to their relationship. She reminds how he had to put in work to win her over, and warns him to not let her get away. Although the song is nice I definitely see why it didnt make the physical copy...3/5

As a whole I think this album is AMAZING! It is a total upgrade from her debut. Not to take away from "LeToya", because that album was great too. This album diplays A LOT of growth! LeToya has grown so much as a person & artist. On her debut she placed herself in a box with the whole "H-Town Chick" vibe she was using. This album is a bit more sophisticated. And shows more sides of LeToya. Although She definitely Shows The H-Town Chick is STILL there(i.e. She Ain't Got & Regret just to name a few). Another factor is the vocal growth! LeToya has most definitely stepped it up this time around vocally! She is hitting notes she would have never dared to hit on her first album. This album is worth every penny! if you are an R&B head like myself you will definitely appreciate this album. For the most part it is pretty laid back. there are a few "up beat" songs but the album mainly consists of mid-tempo's and ballads. If you havent already PLEASE go out and BUY this album it is definitely worth it. LeToya is so much more than just an ex member of Destiny's Child. And she is More than just a H-Town Chick. LeToya Nicole Luckett is Lady Love!

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  1. i agree. i love this album ! her 1st one was "alright" but its definately a obvious growth as a artist on this .

    madd love .