Sunday, December 13, 2009

Discoverd a new jam!

So while putting songs on a friends iPod I ran across a song called "Make Up" by Jazzy(Formerly of Black Buddafly). I like the German group Black Buddafly so I took a listen and to my surprise the song is PURE FIRE! Like seriously this song is my new sh*t! I did a bit of research and by the grace of God the song just so happend to be on iTunes!!!! But the "Jazzy" is not the same one from Black Buddafly Idk who this chick is but she has a EP on iTunes called "Oh Jazzy". I only purchased Make Up so I dont know if the whole thing is good. I'll probably get the rest when I get some more coins to trick off on iTunes. The song is NOT new at all its actually from 2007 but who really cares??? Check out this hotness!

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