Friday, May 29, 2009

How To Be A Lady Vol. 1 Review

L-R Binkie, Lesley, Sarah, Naomi

So This past tuesday Electrik Red released their debut album "How To Be A Lady Vol. 1". Its quite ironic that they titled their album that because, the album cover alone is everything a woman is NOT stereotypically. Once these women open their mouths and you hear they rauchy lyrics, and song topics you see just what kind "ladies" they are aiming to be. They all got their start at being video vixens and back up dancers for the hottest celebs. Binkie & Lesley hooked up to form a group and asked Sarah to be apart of it, Sarah agreed but insisted that her friend Naomi be in the group aswell. The ladies later hooked up with The-Dream and the rest is history! Enough blabbering! Here is my review:

1. Muah: ER starts things off with a mid-tempo female power type of song. It's definitely a feel good song for all the ladies across the globe. The ladies let you know "shawty Im the shit, with this shit!" The song doesnt dig too deep into concept but they definitely get their point across.
2. So Good: This song is definitely one of my faves! Serving as the main single, this song is another mid-tempo song about a girl who falls in love with a man who is involved with anoteher woman! She was fully aware of this but since the sex was "so good" she cant let him go!
3. Devotion: ER slows things down on this sexy number. This song is like a hot summer nite riding song! Just roll the windows down and and let the beat blast through your speakers!
4. Freaky Freaky: This is another "slower" song. Naomi sings over the hard beat with a airy sex kitten tone. While Binkie backs her up, and Sarah handles the pre-chorus with her smooth, sultry vocals.
5. Bed Rest: This number is sexual song. The girls sing about a past lover who they just can seem to get over, the man didnt do anything bad to them, but he always gave it up whenever it was needed. And now that he is gone, they are on bed rest awaiting his turn.
6. Friend Lover: Things pick back up with this funky song. As soon as it starts you automatically feel like your in the 80's and just want to dance. Which is a good thing because this song is a GREAT summer song and radio friendly, the topic however.....A friend lover is nothing more than a jump off! You all know, that one person(maybe more depending how nasty you are) that you can call when you need a little "lovin". They are not your companion, but a sex buddy. That's pretty much the topic of this song.
7. P Is For Power: On this song ER disses guys that are trying to get at them, but unfortunately are not on their level. In order to get one of these sexy ladies you have to have a lot money!!!! If not then "U ain't gettin no P!!!!!"
8. W.F.Y.: I remember seeing them live and being shocked at what they were saying! You know how some guys( me not being one of them!) like to brag about their skills, or run their mouths to all their friends about how freaky the person they last slept with was? Well ER basically puts them in check buy saying you were WACK and "Yall dont fuck us, nigga We Fuck You".
9. 9 to 5: The album slows down again. On this song the ladies tell their man that they want him work them in the bed room like they would a job.
10. On Point: This is my JAM!!!! This song is pretty much a Binkie solo(she is my fave one!!!) The song is so cool to me. Binkie is basically saying that guys need to stay in their own lane. Dont come at her crazy, unless your "On Point" and breaking her off with some serious cash. My fave line is "Don't try to show out, when ya lil boys come to the house. Or Ill walk around this bitch in my Louboutin heels with my ass hanging out. U gotta know what ya looking at, if u want a bitch to holla back." I dont know why but I always smile on that part.
11. Drink In My Cup: ER emerged on the music scene with this song. This was their first single, and its one of my favorites! Its a feel good song. Just about going out with your friends, all which who are looking good. And you all have a little something to drink on.
12. Go Shawty: This song is just encouraging guys to go for it when it's time to put it down.
13. Kill Bill: This particular song Im not really feeling. I listend to it once, maybe twice and didn't like it at all. Sorry ER....
14. So Good Remix: This song is the same as the original just added a verse by Lil Wayne....HOT!

All in all the album is pretty dope! They are definitely bringing on the Girl Power that the Spice Girls leff behind, only they added A LOT more spice! Its obvious that Naomi is the lead singer and Binkie is the rapper, but Lesley & Sarah definitely make their presence known throughout the album. This cd is definitely worht PURCHASING!!! its only 7.99 on iTunes, and like 9.99 in the stores.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Unseen Electrik Red video

Here is a old video by Electrik Red for a song called Electrik City its kinda hot!

How To Be A Lady Vol. 1 is instores tuesday!!!!


From R-L Audra,Brave,Lyndriette,& Seven together form RichGirl.

So it appears that girl groups are trying to make a comeback on the music scene. First there was Sophia Fresh. Then Electrik Red (who's album drops tue!). And now RichGirl. This is a new group formed out by hot producer Rich Harrison. The group is based out of Atlanta but the four members hail from all over the US. The ladies are ladies are all equally beautiful(Seven Kelly Rowland A LOT!) Anf they are all talented. For more info check out &
RichGirls self titled debut is expected to drop this summer!

He Ain't With Me Now(Tho) Video:

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sasha invades the United Kingdom

So Beyoncé is currently on tour in Europe and the tour is coming to a close. She has finally made her way to the UK where she will be doing a whopping 10 shows! 4 of which are in London. She will also hit a few other close countries. I for one am excited because, after Europe/UK she is coming home to the US!!!! Last night was the first show on her UK journey and she started things off in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The show was said to be AMAZING! She did Scared Of Lonely and even included Dagerously In Love back to the setlist!! Here is a official review:

At its best, the opening night of Beyoncé Knowles’s British tour was a brash, breathtaking, booty-shaking bonanza inspired by Tina Turner in Mad Max and James Brown’s 70s soul revues. At its worst, it was a cold, calculated, cringeworthy affair as beautifully bland as the singer’s star turns in hair-care adverts.

Starting the show with Crazy In Love was a brave, brilliant move. Who could resist Beyoncé in a gold, glittery bodice with a giant bunnygirl bow on her bum gyrating her padded-out hips to what still sounds like the song of the decade? Throw in a vast, all-female band on perspex platforms, dancers clad in Lycra catsuits and a sax solo that didn’t sound silly and the 27-year-old had the crowd in the palm of her perfectly manicured hand. Every stomp of a high-heeled shoe had them screaming, every toss of her lion-like mane had groups of girls punching the air in admiration.

For the first 15 minutes Beyoncé dazzled, yet there were signs that the show was a touch too slick. When she knelt by a tattooed guitarist and swept the floor with her hair, it looked sexy, but overly staged. That she could deliver her vocals with a gritty R&B roar while keeping up tightly choreographed routines was immensely impressive, but led to her taking long breaks between songs.

Her current album I Am . . . Sasha Fierce has sold close to half a million copies in Britain, but much of it consists of bland ballads and a string of them together soundtracked the cheesiest section of the show. For Smash into You, Beyoncé appeared at the top of a staircase, being blown about by a wind machine. Surely even Celine Dion would have drawn the line at pretending to skip through waves crashing on a giant screen behind her or donning a wedding dress of feathers and clutching flowers.

As one of the world’s highest-earning celebrities, most of whose income comes from adverts and endorsements, Beyoncé is obliged to try to appeal to all people all the time.

Musically, it poses a problem. Beyoncé’s new songs have no edge and the second half of her show, which delved into her better back catalogue, felt disjointed. One minute, she was a warrior in black leather or wearing a metal, Thierry Mugler bikini while shaking her backside to infectious R&B; the next, she was in flowing robes, crooning syrupy songs for housewives.

For the last section of the two-hour show, Beyoncé finally managed successfully to mix her two sides. A semi-naked man hit a giant gong and suddenly the singer appeared, all in gold, flying through the air towards a small, second stage in the centre of the arena. Yes, it was a touch tacky, but it was impossible not to enjoy the sheer superstar spectacle. The former hit Irreplaceable was handed to the crowd before a medley of hits from Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé’s former band, resulted in a roof-raising singalong.

A cover of Etta James’s At Last, performed at Barack Obama’s inauguration, was a reminder that Beyoncé can sing as well as she can dance.

A brief appearance in a robot costume with lights shining from her chest suggested that she might still have a sense of humour. And a triumphant Single Ladies, backed by YouTube footage of fans covering the song, proved the singer can still make music with attitude.

Keeping everyone happy has never looked like harder work.

seems like that critic is a hard person to please.....


The show took place at:
Metro Radio Arena

Thursday, May 21, 2009

MAJOR Beyoncé update

Beyoncé is on the road currently for her I Am... World Tour. The two last shows she did was in Spain. The first show was on the the 19th in Madrid. Concert goers say the show was "Awsome!" It was a sold out crowd And Bee even performed the crowd favorite "Scared Of Lonely" which seems to have a on/off spot on her setlist.The show took place at the Palacio de Deportes

The next day Paparazzi spotted Beyoncé and Jay-Z leaving a restaurant in Barcelona.

I want that Gucci sweater Jay is rocking!!! Later that Beyoncé had yet another show this one being in Barcelona.

It was said that this show was "good". A concert goer said the crowd was lame, and it took a while for the arena to fill up which caused the show to start about 30 minutes late, and she didnt sing Scared Of is a news clip from Barcelona:

I really wish I knew what they were saying....Anyway, this show was at Palau Sant Jordi

In other Beyoncé news she is is currently in the new "self" Magazine!

Here is a spread from the photoshoot:

She is also Gearing up to release a remix cd & video album titled "Above And Beyoncé"

Here is the OFFICIAL tracklisting:

DVD:1. “If I Were a Boy” 5:03
2. “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” 3:20
3. “Halo” 3:44
4. “Diva” 4:06
5. “Broken-Hearted Girl” 4:31
6. “Ego” (Fan Exclusive) 3:56
7. “Ego” (Remix Feat. Kanye West) 4:47
8. Behind the Scenes
9. Credits

CD: 1. “If I Were a Boy” (Maurice Joshua Mojo UK Remix)
2. “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” (DJ Escape Club Version)
3. “Diva” (Karmatronic Club Remix)
4. “Halo” (Dave Aude Club)
5. “Broken-Hearted Girl” (Catalyst Remix)
6. “Ego” (DAC Remix)
7. “Sweet Dreams” (Karmatronic Remix)
8. “Ego” (Remix featuring Kanye West)

I remember a article saying Bee had a lot of suprises for her fans and that she may be taking a much needed break after this tour. Fans believe that she has shot more videos than is on this cd/dvd. We already know she is releasing a live dvd of her show in Vegas, but people have said her show in London is ALSO being recorded....So something tells me she will be releasing not one but TWO live dvds and a full anthology....I dont know if it is true but I wouldnt be suprised. Her Vegas dvd is said to be apart of a "special" package...

In the last bit of Beyoncé news she just had a WORLD PREMIERE of her new video "Ego" today on her official webite check it out here:

The video is "blaaaaaaaaaaah[!]" in MY opinion....I expected a bit more but whatever..

Monday, May 18, 2009

Whatever happend to.....


I used to LOVE this song!! I remember I had to beg my mom to buy this cd for me at Durant Sqaure! I played the cd all the time! But whatever happend to Toya? She was pretty and made decent music...

LeToya's new single announced

And the winner is........."SHE AIN'T GOT SH*T ON ME" Im so amped for LeToya's return! I already know her album is going to be pure FIRE because her first album was great. If you haven't heard the song already check it out here:

HOTNESS!!! LeToya had fans vote between this song and and a song called "Regret". Im glad they went along with the fans choice instead of going the safe route and releasing another mid-tempo track. This will definitely get LeToya out of the box she is in and open her up for a broader fan base. This isn't even the finalized version! Toya isnt playing this time around. She is truly going to be bringing the heat with this album! LeToya's sophmore album "Lady Love" is expected to drop this summer!

Rihanna album news

Yesterday Rihanna was spotted out having lunch in NYC

She looked HOT! Im totally diggging the Johnny Bravo hair style lol! Rihanna is currently working on a NEW album! It set to see a release at the end of the year. It has been reported that the singer will be hooking up with Justin Timberlake on her new album! It has also been announced that new comer Drake will also be contributing to Rihanna's new album along with Kanye West! Im getting more and more excited for this album. I have a feeling it is going to be HUGE! Last week Rihanna kept herself locked away in a recording studio in Hawaii. In one of her sessions she worked with Kanye, Timbaland, & Jay- Z. Its official now! This album is going to be the sh*t!

Beyoncé-Ego Premiere

I Am... So excited!!! Beyoncé will be premiere her NEW video "Ego" on her official website here is a quote from the site:

"Exclusive Video Premiere of "Ego" Right Here on!!
MAY 18, 2009, 11:44 am
On Thursday, May 21st at 12:00pm EST
AT&T will present the exclusive, world-wide video premiere of "Ego"
right here on the video page of!!"

be sure to check out the site to see the video!

Beyoncé update

Beyoncé is still on Europe on Her I...Am world tour!

Saturday night(5.16) Bee performed in Zurich, Switzerland. She and Sasha Fierce perfromed for yet ANOTHER sold-out audience!

It was said that the show was AMAZING! She performed Flaws & All, which she had took off the set list a while ago. I hope she continues to perform that song on the tour! Saturdays show took place at the Hallenstadion Zurich

After the show Beyoncé & Solange had a after party at a local club in Zurich. Mr. Carter himself made an appearance!

Tonite's show is in Portugal! I know her passport must a billion stamps in it! She truely is a "World Wide Woman". Rumor has it that She and Jay-Z will be attending the Cannes Film Festival with Solange in France at the end of this month. Its still a RUMOR because she has concerts scheduled during this time, but who's to say she wont fly in & out....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Solange is coming!!!!

Im so excited!!! Solange is coming to the Alameda County fair July 17th to perform!! This will be my first time seeing Solange perform LIVE!!! I can't wait! For more info you can go to:

This going to be one FUN summer!!!!

June 21-Keyshia Cole Keri Hilson & The-Dream
July 9-Beyoncé
July 10-Beyoncé
July 17-Solange

If you haven't Already go pick up Solange's cd Sol-Angel & The Hadley St. Dreams in stores & online NOW!!!!

A Different Me Tour!

Hip Hip Horray!!! Keyshia Cole is coming to Oakland!!!! Yesterday I bought two tickets for Keyshia Cole's A Different Me Tour at the Paramount Theater! This is going be quite an event because this is Keyshia's hometown! Im sure it will be a ghetto-fab nite! Hopefully I get a glimpse of Frankie & Neffie in the flesh! Ill probably be more hyped to see them than I will Ms. Cole. Also on the bill is The-Dream Keri Hilson & Bobby V. The show is June 21st(fathers day)


I hope since Dream is there Electrik Red will be also!!

BEYONCÉ update

As we all know Beyoncé is currently on her I Am... World tour!!! So far She performed in Canada and is currently going all over Europe. Wednesday nite on May 13 Beyoncé performed in Stockholm, Sweden for a SOLD OUT crowd! She performed at The globen:

Last nite(Friday May 15) She was back in Germany in a city called Oberhausen. The show was said to be good, but she has apperantly taked "Scared of Lonley" off her setlist which fans said was the BEST performance of the show...Beyoncé Performed at the König Pilsener Arena:

Here is a video of the show:

The next show will be tonite in Switzerland!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jazmine Sullivans Cotton Commercial

R&B newcomer Jazmine Sullivan is a new spokesperson for Cotton and she has a new commercial and song for the campaign check them both out here:

if you want to download the song go here:

If you haven't already go get Jazmine Sullivans debut album Fearless!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beyoncé hanging out in Monaco

Earlier today Beyoncé was spotted on a beach with her mother in Monaco.

Beyoncé and her mom looked nice, Im glad to see that every few days Bee takes time to herself because she is going to be on this tour for quite some time....However the fun in the sun didnt last too long. Beyoncé and Tina were later spotted at the Nice Airport headed over to Stockholm.

This chick is truly a diva! Will we ever see her in a pair of sweats and some tennis shoes??? Beyoncé had a concert tonite in Stockholm, Sweden at the Globen as soon as info from the gig gets on the net I'll be sure to post it!

Ciara "Fantasy Ride" Review

After several delays Ciara FINALLY released her third album Fantasy Ride. I was highly excited because I was a fan of Ciara's last two albums. However when I got to the store I realized that I had already heard over HALF of the cd due to all the leaks. Being the loyal fan that I am I purchased the cd anyway. Unfortunately for me the ride was not much of a fantasy... The album lacks what put her on the map which is the "crunk&b" sound she invented on her 2004 debut "Goodies". This sounds also was missing from her sophmore cd "The Evolution" but Ciara had some HOT productions and catchy lyrics which made the "new" direction more pleasurable. I purchased the deluxe edition for a whopping 18 bucks!!! On this album it seems as though Ciara is trying to prove herself, and show the world that she is growing up and is maturing into a young woman. Although the concept is good Ciara falls short along the way. I mean take a look at the album cover for starters! Here is my review.

1.Ciara To The Stage-Ciara starts the album with a sexy and sensual mid-tempo track. In the song she is telling her man that her bedroom is the stage and she is the headliner"the show dont stop we can go all nite. 30 minutes in and it feels so rite... just when you think it's over Im giving you more.dont be afraid to scream my name Ciara to the stage, Im coming...". Nice
start for the album!
2.Love Sex Magic ft. Justin Timberlake-Im not a fan of this song at all! Although, I do like the video...
3.High Price ft. Ludacris-Love it! This song would have been HUGE had she went with her first instinct and released it as her lead single instead of Go Girl(which is not even on the damn cd!!!)this is the Crunk&B sound she needs to stick to! I love the line "See me in the drop head fresh up out the hair salon. Booty look softer than a Mc Donalds hamburger bun. I got the edible dessert on my wrsit. Please believe Im a ten, yeah shawty Im the shit!"
4.Turntables ft. Chris Brown-This song is a dancers dream! The beat is so intoxicating. Being that Im not a dancer the song does nothing for me...Im not much of a Chris fan and his actions from earlier this year have turned me off completely...the song doesnt grab all my attention. Its like every line goes in one ear and out the other. I have listended to it about six and still can't begin to tell you what the track is about!
5.Like A Surgeon-This song is cute. Ciara tries to be sexy yet again. but the cheesy lyrics kinda ruins it. she refers to herself as a sergeon in the bedroom because she can heel any patiant she chants "check calling patient number one make sure that you sign out when your done make sure you grab a sucker on the way and out the door and make your next appointment and come back and get some more."
6.Never Ever ft. Young Jeezy- I have to admit, at first listen I absolutely HATED this song but when I really sat down and listend to the lyrics I immediately fell in love with the song. Its a song that everybody can relate to. However, Young Jeezy was NOT needed.
7.Lover's Thing ft. The-Dream- By far the BEST song on the ENTIRE album! This song is the sh*t! I loved it when I downloaded months ago and I still love it today!! It's a nice duet about a couple who have had a falling out, but neither one truly wants to call it quits just yet.( she better make this a single!!)
8. Work ft. Missy Elliott. This is song a for the "kids"! This has got to be the GAYEST song I have ever heard in my life! But the ballroom scene will eat it up, because the beat and chant goes perfectly with vouging. Missy wasn't really needed for this one...I prefer the leaked version without her. Ciara says "Walk that walk, show me how you move it. Talk that talk, put some snap into it...It's time to show it off, the spotlight is on you, you better Bitch you better work!"
9. Pucker Up-This song sounds like a bunch of mess....she's basically just saying if you are not feeling what she is doing "pucker up" and kiss her ass(swag). I think I'll pass cici...
10.G Is For Girl(A-Z)- This is a girl anthem, Im not feeling it at all....
11.Keep On Dancing On Me- The beat is crazy. Very laid back and Ciara's mellow vocals ride it nicely. Unfortunately that's all I can say about the song because the lyrics just dont stick...
12.Tell Me What Your Name Is- This song is cool. Ciara sings about how guys always pop at her and use the same approach. So she switches things up and approaches a guy that catches her eye.
13.I Don't Remember- I was speachless when I heard this song. And not in a good way...Ciara makes the attempt to show off whatever vocal ability she thinks she has...the song is kind of dumb. She sings about being hungover and not being able to remember the night before....

Bonus Tracks:
14. Echo-HOT!!!!! I don't know why this didn't make the standard version of the album because this would be a amazing follow up single. Ciara says "Let me put y'all up on my swag.Diva of Decatur, I got stunnas they black.Up in the salon to add some tracks. Pocahontas, I got hair down my back."
15. Im On-Not so much a fan of this song....

All in all the album isnt THAT bad. To be honest I might have liked it a lot more had I not heard most of it due to leaks....Hopefully the next album will be better. I really advise Ciara to go back to the sound that made her hot though.
Stand out tracks are:
Ciara To The Stage
High Price
Never Ever

Basically all the songs that leaked! Work would've made the list but Missy ruined it...

Amerie is back!

For those of you who dont know Amerie has been quite busy working lately. After the 2005 release of her sophmore album Touch, she recorded a third album titled "Because I Love It" in 2007. Due to two failed singles(Gotta Work & Take Control)Amerie and Sony BMG decided to part ways, however the album was released internationally, just not in the US. Amerie later signed a deal with Def Jam records and has been hard at work on her fourth studio album. It has just been announced that the new record will be titled " In Love & War". Her first single "Why R U" surfaced yesterday take a listen:

I definitely do not think this is a bad record. HOWEVER being that is a "comeback" single it lacks A LOT! This song sounds like what we have all heard from Amerie before. Its definitely a great Album song but as far as single material(1st single at that!) not so much....I guess we will just have to sit back and see how things pan out for Amerie over at Def Jam. Ill definitely support her! Amerie's new album is due out this summer! the track was produced by The Buchanans. Some of their work includes:

Crush-Amerie(Because I Love It)
Hip Hop Star-Beyoncé ft. Big Boi & Sleepy Brown(Dangerously In Love)
What More Can I Say- Jay Z(The Black Album)

A video for "Why R U" will be shot in LA later this week!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona is a beautiful Toronto r&b songstress trying to make it in the music industry. Her debute single "Give It To Me Right" is starting to generate a bit of a buzz for her! Here is her official bio:
Don’t ask her to define it. Singer/songwriter Melanie Fiona’s debut album The Bridge reveals a sweet push-and-pull between countless elements of herself. At once Canadian and Caribbean, strong and sexy, contemplative and joyous, blending the sounds of pop and soul. Despite the many moods and musings of Melanie Fiona’s debut, there is one defining element. The girl’s got soul.

"The album is called The Bridge," enthuses Fiona. "It crosses the barriers between ethnicities, genres, age groups, and genders. It can’t be defined as just one thing. It’s got a soul that’s something old, yet something new." The album reflects the duality that asserts itself in Melanie Fiona’s own exuberant personality. Flirting with the traditions of classic soul from artists like Sam Cooke, Nat King Cole and Gladys Knight, the songs also pack the punch, and authenticity of modern music. United by a singular passion, Melanie Fiona’s sound bridges past and present with an artistic and consistent blending of classic soul samples. It’s all held together by a unique quality, something that is innately her, much like the other artists she mentions as influences: Bob Marley, Sade, and Patsy Cline.

Born to Guyanese immigrant parents and growing up in a music-filled house in the inner city of Toronto, Fiona knew from the very beginning that music is what moves her. "My mother, who shares my love for music, played everything from The Ronettes to Whitney Houston around the house as I grew up. My father would let me sit on the stage while he rehearsed with his band as a guitarist. "

That strong sense of family translates to the team she’s now surrounded herself with, including Carmen Murray and Michael Michel of Title 9 Productions and managers Jay Brown and Tyran "Ty Ty" Smith of Roc Nation "I am so fortunate that I had people to educate me and show me that development as to what it really is to be an artist."

Though Fiona had been writing her own songs for years, the introduction of songwriter Andrea Martin, would prove seminal for The Bridge. "When I met Andrea, it was an instant connection," she explains. "We developed this very personal working relationship where we were both inspired by each other." Sharing each other’s life experiences, they collaborated on some of the defining songs in the collection. Other producers on the album include UK producers Future Cut, Florida’s Vada Nobles, LA’s The Stereotypes, NYC’s J. Phoenix, Peter Wade, and Salaam Remi, Andrew Wyatt, Rob Fusari, and Angela Hunte. Fiona also shows off her Caribbean roots on Reggae Gold 2008, with Supa Dups’ "Somebody Come Get Me".

"This experience will never happen for me again," she muses. "I’ll never be a new artist again. I’ll never be a complete and utter student of the game." Whatever may come when The Bridge releases on Steve Rifkind’s SRC/ Motown Universal Records in Spring 2009, Fiona is poised and ready. "I still live humbly out of a suitcase, and I appreciate the smallest things in life, and I want people to feel that. I have an opportunity to be on a stage, but I want my listeners to know that I’m just like them."
You can check out more info at &

Give It To Me Right video:

It Kills Me:

She is NOT just a studio singer!!!!

She is SO beautiful!!! Be sure to pick up her debut album "The Bridge" coming later on in the year!!

Beyoncé in Sweden

Last nite Beyoncé brought her world tour to Sweden where she performed in Gothenburg.It was said that the show was great, but could have been better if the crowd was more "hype". Here is a Review from the show:

Beyoncé can not get better

Concert at Scandinavium, Gothenburg. Audience: 8500 people (including at least 8000 girls). Length: Two hours. Best: "Halo," "Crazy in Love" and "Say my name." Worst: "Video Phone." Question: Is there anyone in the world right now that can make a better show than Beyoncé?
Blogs on this article
Remember Elvis?

Forget Madonna, Prince, Elvis, Kylie, Whitney and Britney.

Beyoncé has never needed her last name and now she beats pophistoriens largest mononymer of the fingers.

I can not tear his eyes off this perfect woman. Maybe it depends on the angelic face, wasp waist, the famous butt, the mile-long legs and hollywood attracts, which together almost makes Beyoncé to r'n'b-Barbie.

That's not to deny that the woman is a complete bomb strike, but I think the biggest reason for the fans is admirable control. Beyoncé has full control over the situation. Over every tone, movement and sensation. And, consequently, every person in the room.

The show could hardly be better. The sound is cleanly and the base may be large screens to rattle. Background The footage, from the lavish music videos to clips of fans dancing "Single Ladies" dance and a home video of Beyoncé as Spex of CHILD OF FIVE, is perfect. The choir and band, all women are beautiful and talented dancers phenomenal.

Need I even say that the clothing changes, everything you can dream of? Futuristic robocop-body, GOSSAMER Catholic confirmation dress with veil and lots of figure close cases in glittering gold.

And in the middle of the whole spectacle is Beyoncé. At the top of her career and amazingly self-confident. Minimum gaze and jerk of the neck is where it should and the voice never falters. Without even become breathless she throws between hiphop beats, Destiny's child-classics and heart squeezing power ballads. Alter ego Sasha Fierce heated Dancehall rounded with decent Etta James "At last", but that it feels the slightest effort.

Start camp
If there is minimum chance to get tickets to the concert in Stockholm tomorrow, so selling your grandmother and start camping outside the Globe now!
Here are a few pictures:

Get em Bee!

Beyoncé's show took place at the Scandinavium

Next stop Stockholm!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Beyoncé fans in Denmark

Here is a video of fans waiting to go inside Beyoncé's concert lastnite. Now although they arent speaking english it is quite funny hearing them sing her songs...

On another note here is a video of a little boy singing "Smash Into You"

that was funny! 44-1:06 is the funniest part!

Destiny's Child THROWBACK

Check out this OLD video of Houston rapper Lil' O feat. Destiny's Child:

LOL they look a HOT mess!!!