Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monica "Still Standing": The Show. The Song. The album.

So last nite the BET network premiered the first episode of a new series called "Still Standing". The show is a reality show for R&B singer Monica Arnold. Monica is a 29 year old singer from Atlanta Georgia's College Park area. She has a career that has lasted for 15 years! Throughout that time she has seen many ups & downs both professionally & personally. Monica has been hard at work on her 5th studio albu for quite some time now and things are beginning to gel together and she is in the final stages of putting the album together. The show showcases the trials and tribulations of life in the music industry and just how much work is put into putting together a album. It also sheds lite on her personal life shows her relationship with her fiance Rocko and three kids. The first episode was very interesting. I LOVED it! Monica is SO country and I absolutely adore it. If you missed it don't shed a tear! I have the FULL episode here thanks to Mr World Premiere

The show is named after a song Monica recorded a while ago(over a year) and it features Ludacris if you havent heard it before check it out:

This song NEVER gets old to me! Monica revealed lastnite via twitter( that she was in NYC for a important meeting with J Records. She later revealed that she has chosen not one but TWO singles for her new album. The singles are both produced by Polow Da Don. One is a ballad written by Ester Dean and it is titled "Here I Am". The other is a up-tempo song featuring T-Pain titled "Nothing Like". The new album will also be titled "Still Standing" And it is expected to drop in the first quarter of next year. Some sources have been saying Jan.12.2010. Im excited! Monica's debut was the first cd I ever got and that was 15 years ago! I have since purchased EVERY Monica album since then! A lot of females have come and go in the music industry but Mo is one of the few who after so long are Still Standing...

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