Thursday, May 21, 2009

MAJOR Beyoncé update

Beyoncé is on the road currently for her I Am... World Tour. The two last shows she did was in Spain. The first show was on the the 19th in Madrid. Concert goers say the show was "Awsome!" It was a sold out crowd And Bee even performed the crowd favorite "Scared Of Lonely" which seems to have a on/off spot on her setlist.The show took place at the Palacio de Deportes

The next day Paparazzi spotted Beyoncé and Jay-Z leaving a restaurant in Barcelona.

I want that Gucci sweater Jay is rocking!!! Later that Beyoncé had yet another show this one being in Barcelona.

It was said that this show was "good". A concert goer said the crowd was lame, and it took a while for the arena to fill up which caused the show to start about 30 minutes late, and she didnt sing Scared Of is a news clip from Barcelona:

I really wish I knew what they were saying....Anyway, this show was at Palau Sant Jordi

In other Beyoncé news she is is currently in the new "self" Magazine!

Here is a spread from the photoshoot:

She is also Gearing up to release a remix cd & video album titled "Above And Beyoncé"

Here is the OFFICIAL tracklisting:

DVD:1. “If I Were a Boy” 5:03
2. “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” 3:20
3. “Halo” 3:44
4. “Diva” 4:06
5. “Broken-Hearted Girl” 4:31
6. “Ego” (Fan Exclusive) 3:56
7. “Ego” (Remix Feat. Kanye West) 4:47
8. Behind the Scenes
9. Credits

CD: 1. “If I Were a Boy” (Maurice Joshua Mojo UK Remix)
2. “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” (DJ Escape Club Version)
3. “Diva” (Karmatronic Club Remix)
4. “Halo” (Dave Aude Club)
5. “Broken-Hearted Girl” (Catalyst Remix)
6. “Ego” (DAC Remix)
7. “Sweet Dreams” (Karmatronic Remix)
8. “Ego” (Remix featuring Kanye West)

I remember a article saying Bee had a lot of suprises for her fans and that she may be taking a much needed break after this tour. Fans believe that she has shot more videos than is on this cd/dvd. We already know she is releasing a live dvd of her show in Vegas, but people have said her show in London is ALSO being recorded....So something tells me she will be releasing not one but TWO live dvds and a full anthology....I dont know if it is true but I wouldnt be suprised. Her Vegas dvd is said to be apart of a "special" package...

In the last bit of Beyoncé news she just had a WORLD PREMIERE of her new video "Ego" today on her official webite check it out here:

The video is "blaaaaaaaaaaah[!]" in MY opinion....I expected a bit more but whatever..

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