Monday, May 18, 2009

LeToya's new single announced

And the winner is........."SHE AIN'T GOT SH*T ON ME" Im so amped for LeToya's return! I already know her album is going to be pure FIRE because her first album was great. If you haven't heard the song already check it out here:

HOTNESS!!! LeToya had fans vote between this song and and a song called "Regret". Im glad they went along with the fans choice instead of going the safe route and releasing another mid-tempo track. This will definitely get LeToya out of the box she is in and open her up for a broader fan base. This isn't even the finalized version! Toya isnt playing this time around. She is truly going to be bringing the heat with this album! LeToya's sophmore album "Lady Love" is expected to drop this summer!

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