Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beyoncé in Sweden

Last nite Beyoncé brought her world tour to Sweden where she performed in Gothenburg.It was said that the show was great, but could have been better if the crowd was more "hype". Here is a Review from the show:

Beyoncé can not get better

Concert at Scandinavium, Gothenburg. Audience: 8500 people (including at least 8000 girls). Length: Two hours. Best: "Halo," "Crazy in Love" and "Say my name." Worst: "Video Phone." Question: Is there anyone in the world right now that can make a better show than Beyoncé?
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Remember Elvis?

Forget Madonna, Prince, Elvis, Kylie, Whitney and Britney.

Beyoncé has never needed her last name and now she beats pophistoriens largest mononymer of the fingers.

I can not tear his eyes off this perfect woman. Maybe it depends on the angelic face, wasp waist, the famous butt, the mile-long legs and hollywood attracts, which together almost makes Beyoncé to r'n'b-Barbie.

That's not to deny that the woman is a complete bomb strike, but I think the biggest reason for the fans is admirable control. Beyoncé has full control over the situation. Over every tone, movement and sensation. And, consequently, every person in the room.

The show could hardly be better. The sound is cleanly and the base may be large screens to rattle. Background The footage, from the lavish music videos to clips of fans dancing "Single Ladies" dance and a home video of Beyoncé as Spex of CHILD OF FIVE, is perfect. The choir and band, all women are beautiful and talented dancers phenomenal.

Need I even say that the clothing changes, everything you can dream of? Futuristic robocop-body, GOSSAMER Catholic confirmation dress with veil and lots of figure close cases in glittering gold.

And in the middle of the whole spectacle is Beyoncé. At the top of her career and amazingly self-confident. Minimum gaze and jerk of the neck is where it should and the voice never falters. Without even become breathless she throws between hiphop beats, Destiny's child-classics and heart squeezing power ballads. Alter ego Sasha Fierce heated Dancehall rounded with decent Etta James "At last", but that it feels the slightest effort.

Start camp
If there is minimum chance to get tickets to the concert in Stockholm tomorrow, so selling your grandmother and start camping outside the Globe now!
Here are a few pictures:

Get em Bee!

Beyoncé's show took place at the Scandinavium

Next stop Stockholm!

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