Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ciara "Fantasy Ride" Review

After several delays Ciara FINALLY released her third album Fantasy Ride. I was highly excited because I was a fan of Ciara's last two albums. However when I got to the store I realized that I had already heard over HALF of the cd due to all the leaks. Being the loyal fan that I am I purchased the cd anyway. Unfortunately for me the ride was not much of a fantasy... The album lacks what put her on the map which is the "crunk&b" sound she invented on her 2004 debut "Goodies". This sounds also was missing from her sophmore cd "The Evolution" but Ciara had some HOT productions and catchy lyrics which made the "new" direction more pleasurable. I purchased the deluxe edition for a whopping 18 bucks!!! On this album it seems as though Ciara is trying to prove herself, and show the world that she is growing up and is maturing into a young woman. Although the concept is good Ciara falls short along the way. I mean take a look at the album cover for starters! Here is my review.

1.Ciara To The Stage-Ciara starts the album with a sexy and sensual mid-tempo track. In the song she is telling her man that her bedroom is the stage and she is the headliner"the show dont stop we can go all nite. 30 minutes in and it feels so rite... just when you think it's over Im giving you more.dont be afraid to scream my name Ciara to the stage, Im coming...". Nice
start for the album!
2.Love Sex Magic ft. Justin Timberlake-Im not a fan of this song at all! Although, I do like the video...
3.High Price ft. Ludacris-Love it! This song would have been HUGE had she went with her first instinct and released it as her lead single instead of Go Girl(which is not even on the damn cd!!!)this is the Crunk&B sound she needs to stick to! I love the line "See me in the drop head fresh up out the hair salon. Booty look softer than a Mc Donalds hamburger bun. I got the edible dessert on my wrsit. Please believe Im a ten, yeah shawty Im the shit!"
4.Turntables ft. Chris Brown-This song is a dancers dream! The beat is so intoxicating. Being that Im not a dancer the song does nothing for me...Im not much of a Chris fan and his actions from earlier this year have turned me off completely...the song doesnt grab all my attention. Its like every line goes in one ear and out the other. I have listended to it about six and still can't begin to tell you what the track is about!
5.Like A Surgeon-This song is cute. Ciara tries to be sexy yet again. but the cheesy lyrics kinda ruins it. she refers to herself as a sergeon in the bedroom because she can heel any patiant she chants "check calling patient number one make sure that you sign out when your done make sure you grab a sucker on the way and out the door and make your next appointment and come back and get some more."
6.Never Ever ft. Young Jeezy- I have to admit, at first listen I absolutely HATED this song but when I really sat down and listend to the lyrics I immediately fell in love with the song. Its a song that everybody can relate to. However, Young Jeezy was NOT needed.
7.Lover's Thing ft. The-Dream- By far the BEST song on the ENTIRE album! This song is the sh*t! I loved it when I downloaded months ago and I still love it today!! It's a nice duet about a couple who have had a falling out, but neither one truly wants to call it quits just yet.( she better make this a single!!)
8. Work ft. Missy Elliott. This is song a for the "kids"! This has got to be the GAYEST song I have ever heard in my life! But the ballroom scene will eat it up, because the beat and chant goes perfectly with vouging. Missy wasn't really needed for this one...I prefer the leaked version without her. Ciara says "Walk that walk, show me how you move it. Talk that talk, put some snap into it...It's time to show it off, the spotlight is on you, you better Bitch you better work!"
9. Pucker Up-This song sounds like a bunch of mess....she's basically just saying if you are not feeling what she is doing "pucker up" and kiss her ass(swag). I think I'll pass cici...
10.G Is For Girl(A-Z)- This is a girl anthem, Im not feeling it at all....
11.Keep On Dancing On Me- The beat is crazy. Very laid back and Ciara's mellow vocals ride it nicely. Unfortunately that's all I can say about the song because the lyrics just dont stick...
12.Tell Me What Your Name Is- This song is cool. Ciara sings about how guys always pop at her and use the same approach. So she switches things up and approaches a guy that catches her eye.
13.I Don't Remember- I was speachless when I heard this song. And not in a good way...Ciara makes the attempt to show off whatever vocal ability she thinks she has...the song is kind of dumb. She sings about being hungover and not being able to remember the night before....

Bonus Tracks:
14. Echo-HOT!!!!! I don't know why this didn't make the standard version of the album because this would be a amazing follow up single. Ciara says "Let me put y'all up on my swag.Diva of Decatur, I got stunnas they black.Up in the salon to add some tracks. Pocahontas, I got hair down my back."
15. Im On-Not so much a fan of this song....

All in all the album isnt THAT bad. To be honest I might have liked it a lot more had I not heard most of it due to leaks....Hopefully the next album will be better. I really advise Ciara to go back to the sound that made her hot though.
Stand out tracks are:
Ciara To The Stage
High Price
Never Ever

Basically all the songs that leaked! Work would've made the list but Missy ruined it...

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