Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beyoncé in Prague

Today Beyoncé, or should I say Sasha Fierce made her way into CZECH REPUBLIC and performed in the popular city Prague. The show ended just hours ago but there is already photos and video sworming all over the net! Here are some videos, pics and even a review!!!
Clearly Sasha was getting BUSY on stage and still remaining FIERCE!!
Prague - show full of dance tunes, rich choreography, changing costumes, video and women on the stage offered Beyoncé first performance in the Czech Republic. In Prague's O2 arena offered American singer in the framework of its tour with the name I am ... songs from the last album I am ... Sasha fierce and old hits, including memories of her former group Destiny's Child.Koncert after the discovery of performances last year lost in the role of Mark předkapely started Beyoncé grand introduction during which emerging from the fog lights and the outline of its leggy figure. Hvězda current rhytm & blues according to organizers attracted 12,000 spectators, including women and girls prevailed. The audience, before the arrival of Beyoncé fun Mexican waves. Singer them as the first song offered after intra Deja Vu.

Sedmadvacetiletá artist, the whole name Beyoncé Giselle Knowlesová, some took their performances as a romantic duel singer wearing white clothes to procítěnější and singing songs such as Ave Maria, with its spontánnějším alter egem Sasha fierce in disguises resembling a tiger skin with a faster type of songs: Baby Boy. Romantic location and match video, for example, when Beyoncé vyvýšeném on stage singing in the background of sea waves.

On stage with a few inputs two dancers in the role of women prevailed sboristek, dancers and musicians accompanying the group. Attention early next Beyoncé gave three mighty sboristky. Part of the concert was also acrobatic insert when Beyoncé suspended on ropes made several loop high above the heads of the audience and withstand the small stage located between the audience on Wednesday O2 Arena, where the show continued. According to the organizers of this number belonged to the traditional celebration of witches, which is just for today. Several girls even obeyed the call came, and organizers in disguises as a witch. Broom was, however, prohibited.

At center stage similar to those used last year in the same place Céline Dionová, use Beyoncé close contact with the auditorium to a contact with the audience. Several songs recalled its successful performance in the girls' band Destiny's Child and the song Say My Name the alley between people under the supervision of security returned to the scene.

Beyoncé and her dancers and members of the accompanying band during a concert reportedly dressed 58 costumes. The author is a fashion designer and film director Thierry Mugler, who was in charge of the choreography throughout the show, and the proposal scene. During the actual show have been hits if I were a Boy or Diva, which has gained in the world hitparádách. The conclusion remarks included a full album I am ... Sasha fierce, from the enthusiastic reception which the audience heard Single Ladies hit a catchy song Hello by the singer odzpívala number of people present.

Beyoncé arrived to Prague from Budapest and continues across the whole of Europe until severoirského Belfast, where the date of 31 May this part of the concert line closes. The tour will visit to Asia, Africa and Australia.

Beyoncé is in the music industry pushed through at the end 90.let účinkováním girls in the band Destiny's Child. In 2003 published a successful solo album Dangerously in Love with the hits Crazy In Love, Baby Boy, Me, Myself and I, for which prices gained five Grammy, including designation as best international artist. After the Destiny's Child in 2005, followed by another success with plate B'day, which, among other things, discovered the Shakira duet Beautiful Liar. Dvojalbum I am ... Sasha fierce appeared last November. In the same year married his longtime boyfriend, rapper Shawna Carter, who performs under the artistic name of Jay-Z. Promote the well as an actress in the new version of the Rose Pantera, comedy Austin Powers - goldmember and musical Dreamgirls, which was inspired by the life story of Diana Ross.

Great review!! credit for review and


BANANAS!!!! I can't wait to see this show in person!!!

Beyoncé performed at Prague's O2 Arena

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