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Review Of Beyonce in Zagreb...

So Lastnite Beyonce kicked off the European leg of her "I Am..." World tour in Zagreb, Croatia. This was Beyonce's first time EVER performing in the country, and she attracted quite a crowd! A fan name Nejc from Slovenia(Croatia's neighbor counrty) posted a review of the show and here it is:

"When we arrived at the arena, I was shocked. The arena was so beautiful. It was absolutely gorgeous.They started to let us in at 7 PM. Then we sat down and chatted, we were so anxious to see our queen Bee. They played Solange's album and the tour commercial all the time. Afterwards, a DJ came on and played songs like nelly's maneater, single ladies, etc... The crowd was so ready for Beyoncé!

At approximately 9.20 PM, the lights went off and it began. Epic music started playing and it sounded like a spaceship had landed. It was amazing. Then the curtains opened and there she was, the almighty Beyoncé. She just stood there for a minute or two and began to sAAAAANG Deja Vu. Then she went into Crazy In Love and etc.

Her voice was flawless - let me just say that when you hear her sing your life suddenly makes sense. My favourite vocal moments were : Scared of Lonely (HOLY COW), Hello, Halo, In The Arms of an Angel (it was nearly acapella, just piano and her - BEAUTIFUL). Everything was live (even Single Ladies). Vocally she is the best singer out there. No one can top that.

The costumes were GORGEOUS - my favourite one was the first one because it was so sparkly. These costumes look amazing live - much better than on youtube.

Her dancing has gotten so much better! She was an amazing dancer during the B'DAY era, but now she just kills it! She had so much energy - I was wondering how the hell can someone so tiny have SO MUCH energy and such a big heart.

She loved us - she told us that every second, she said she will definitely come back as soon as she can.

The stage was bigger than during the previous tour, the lights were so amazing and the screen is really HD - you see every pore on her skin. Seriously.

She filled our hearts with joy and happiness. I think we were all in shock at how good she is at what she does. This isn't something you can learn to do - she was BORN to do this, she was born to touch our hearts with her songs and she was born to inspire us. The arena was huge but her heart and her good soul lighted up the place. She was glowing. It just confirmed what I already knew - no one can top her. She will always prove the haters wrong no matter what!"

Here is a professional review from a Zagreb critic:

The two hour concert in Zagreb held the public in euphoria. However, it seemed Beyoncé was enjoying it too. She promised to come again…

ZAGREB, CROATIA - On Sunday night, just before midnight, Beyoncé said farewell to Zagreb’s public.

“You were great, thank you so much. I will come here again whenever you want” said Beyoncé and left the stage with a big smile on her face.

Concert delights Zagreb residents

The designer Thierry Mugler has thought of some excellent creations for Beyoncé. She looked fragile in white, dangerous in black, and in gold she was fiery and uninhibited.
Zagreb has not had the opportunity to see such a concert that Beyoncé held until now. The background featured one huge and two small screens so that even those in the back row could see the big, but humble star. There was certainly something to see. Where should we start? Beyoncé sings just as well as in her studio albums, and her energetic performance with attractive dancers and choreography simply hypnotises you.

Besides attracting attention with her luxurious body and fantastic clothing by designer Thierry Mugler, Beyoncé radiates an incredible energy that can be felt when the strong, self confident and aggressive Sasha gets into her, which is what Beyoncé likes to call herself when she is on stage.

But considering that Sasha Fierce brought along B for the concert, Zagreb’s full Arena enjoyed the live performance of nearly all of her most famous ballads, and the song “At Last” during which the screens showed Barack and Michelle Obama dancing during the inauguration.

Beyoncé sung every song and visually presented it in an incredible way. It is hard to describe, you have to experience it.

Flying, singing, dancing, jumping…

We were lucky that Beyoncé started her “I Am…” tour in Zagreb, because she certainly gave her best performance. The concert started with the great hit “Crazy in Love”, and her two hour performance was split into a number of parts. Every five or six songs Beyoncé would leave the stage to change clothes. During this time, the dancers and backup vocals and instrumentalists showed what they know. They were all accompanied off stage by a huge applause and whistles of approval, because such a production was unthinkable up until now in Zagreb. Beyoncé and her team probably know exactly how many minutes it is polite for the star to be away from the stage, and she appears just as you start asking yourself where she is, because after all, you are not there to watch the dancers.

However, then she appears high over the stage and public, hanging on ropes and flying over the delighted crowd. What to say? Only large pop stars that have invested a lot into production can do this, who do not leave anything to chance. Judging by the positive comments by the masses of people patiently waiting to leave the overcrowded parking lots after the concert, you can confidently advise anyone to take the first opportunity to see Beyoncé in concert. Regardless of if you are a huge fan or just like her.

Seems like Beyonce is KILLING it on this tour!! The show took place at Zagreb's Arena Zagreb:

Here is a picture of the audience:

I guess its pretty safe to say the show was sold out...

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