Friday, April 17, 2009

Keri upsets a fan in Detroit

So some guy on youtube met Keri Hilson in Detroit at a album signg and claims she was a "rude concieted bitch!" Here is legnthy video rant:

I dont believe it at all! for one, if you dont like someone why buy there album to begin with?? I understand his siblings were with him, but he couldve easily bought them a cd and let them meet her. He didnt have to buy a cd and get a autograph for him self. He was obviously excited as hell because he made it a point to take a video of himself waiting in line. Secondly, in the video he puts the camera on Keri where you can CLEARLY see her coughing. And her "assistant" can be heard saying "once you get your autograph PLEASE keep the line moving." Now out of all the meet & greets Ive been apart of people dont say this, so there was a sign rite there for you that this was only a "meet" not a "greet". But Im sorry he didnt have a good time meeting Ms. Hilson oh well...

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