Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some More Fierceness!!!

For all of you who dont know Beyonce & Sasha are currently on a hiatus. I personally think Bee is shooting new videos(rumors have it that there will be a new video anthology and a I!!!)One thing thats for sure is that she is re-working some of the the things on her "I Am...World Tour" including the opening number. On the first nite she opened with "Sweet Dreams" Then switched to "Deja Vu", then she changed her mind again and opened with "Crazy In Love" and changed it a medley of DV & CIL. But according to one of her back up dancers she will not be starting the show with any of those songs! So I guess we'll have to wait untill Beyonce & Sasha invade Zagreb, Croatia on April 26th to see what Fierceness they have come up with now!!! Anyway I found a HQ video on youtube with the DV/CIL Opening check it out:

Talk about Fierce!!! That was HOT. I am so excited for this tour. I can't wait till it hits the US!!!

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