Saturday, March 14, 2009

New & Improved Gucci Store :-)

So Gucci has decided to change locations. They have moved from there old location at Stockton & Geary. The old store was on the corner across from Neiman Marcus and Louis Vuitton in the Heart of Union Sqaure.The old store was very dark and built almost like a maze. All mens attire was located on the lower level and all women attire and luggage was on the main level the store was also rather small, and felt cramped(not NEARLY as tiny as the Dior store, talk about matchbox!) basically the old location was "blaaaaaaaah[!]." But the new store is AWSOME!!! Its in the middle of the block on Stockton St. Still in Union Square rite around the corner from Madein Lane. it is not one, not two, but THREE levels high! The main level looks like a musueam or art gallery of handbags, and towards the back is luggage, backpacks, wallets etc. The second level is referred to as the "Mezzanine" is split into halves, right being womens shoes and and the left being mens shoes. The third level is designed the same way only with clothes. The walls are all brownish gold tinted glass and the lighting fixtures are gold. This store is the biz and if you haven't been you need to check it out ASAP!!

The OLD Gucci store:
Photobucket Blaaaaaaaaaaaah[!]

Maiden Lane:

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