Monday, March 23, 2009

Louis Vuitton's "Graffiti Collection"

So the amazing Louis Vuitton has teamed up with Stephen Sprouse and have created the "Stephen Sprouse Collection" better known as the "Graffiti Collection". And basically what it is is the classic LV look but with Neon letters all over it spelling out "Louis Vuitton" & "Paris". Now anyone who knows me knows that i LOVE LV and desperately want the "Bosphore Backpack"(which I am currently saving for!! lol) But this new graffiti line is AMAZING I wish they made more mens stuff tho just the thought of a graffiti backpack and or wallet makes me want to scream lol. Take a look at the new line:

This stuff is soooo cool! I wish i could afford those shoes!! But by time I get the money for them, they'll be old as hell brobably wont even be in the LV store anymore...Oh well Im still getting my backpack!!!

The Louis Vuitton Bosphore backpack is $1,400.00(plus tax ofcourse) just incase u want to treat yourself to one!!

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