Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ciara & Day26 album covers unveiled....

So CiCi and Day26 have released their album covers...The Day26 is HOT. Full body shot all black clothes.BIG white letters it will definitely grab your attention! Now Ciara's not so much...its rather "blaaaaaah[!]" as my homie Taii would say. Nothing stands out. the picture is gorgeous but the faded silver background and silver font in the bottom corner just dont cut it for me...she shouldve used this as her cover for the "Love Sex Magic" single and used that cover for the album cuz that Picture and font are the biz!

Anyway Day26 will be dropping their sophmore album "Forever In A Day" April 14 4/14/2009. And Ciara will release her third album "Fantasy Ride" May 5 5/5/2009. Ill be buying both so expect detailed reviews!!

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