Saturday, January 2, 2010

Top 5 albums of 2009

I can't believe we are already two days into 2010!!! Time REALLY flies! I can't deny that 2009 was a great year for me. A lot of good things happend, but I must admit Im very excited to see what this new year has instore for me! Before I jump head first into 2010 Im going to take the time to list my top 5 albums of 2009. Anyone that knows me well enough knows that my life revolves around music!(Id probably die if I had to go without my iPod!!)A lot of decent music dropped last year but there were 5 albums that really stood out for me and they are(in no particular order of course):

1. Jay-Z The Blueprint 3:

Im not really much of a rap fan...Im WAY more into R&B but, the older I get the more I appreciate rap/hip-hop music. Now I'll admit I never paid Hov much attention until '03 Bonnie & Clyde(for OBVIOUS reasons). But I have learned that Jay-Z is the shit! And in my opinion this album is a CLASSIC! I can literally play this album all the way through! Every song on the album is single worthy. But what can you expect from the "best rapper alive"? I don't have the entire Jay collection(but i definitely plan on getting it before his concert in March!) but the 5 albums that I do have are all the shit! I honestly like every single one! The Blueprint 3 was farthest thing from a disappointment. And it is most definitely worth the 15 bucks!

Stand out tracks:
Real As It Gets
On To The Next One
Off That
Venus VS. Mars
Already Home
Young Forever
What We Talkin About

2. Electrik Red How To Be A Lady: Vol. 1:

Mega producer The-Dream introduced the world the his female group Electrik Red. Consisting of four beautiful girls Naomi Sarah Lesley and my personal fave Binkie! These girls went from being back up dancers/video vixens to starring in their own music videos. The girls painted the world red with their music but unfortunatley the girls didnt get the reopsonse they deserved. Now I will be honest, if you want a album with deep and meaningful lyrics and some Beyoncé style vocals this is NOT the album for you. But if you're into colorful music with hot beats and sultry singing(with a few spoken verses from Binkie's fine ass!) then this is the album for you! These girls are the modern day Vanity 6 without a doubt! This is one of those albums you can can play from start to finish! And I can't wait wait until the next one!(crosses fingers for sophmore album!)

Stand out tracks:
Friend Lover
On Point
Go Shawty

3. Rihanna Rated R:

Say what you want about her but Robyn makes G.O.O.D. music! This was one of the top two albums I anticipated the most this year. And it was most definitely worth the wait! This album is one those that have to grow on you because it is so different from anything she has ever done. The music is very aggresive(she cusses like a sailor!) and and emotional. She showcases so many different sides, one minute she's hard and the next she is vulnerable. You can tell she put her heart into this album because it appears to be a bit more personal than her others. I have all 4 of Rihanna's albums and if I had to rank them all this would be no.2 coming rite behind her debut Music Of The Sun. On each album Rihanna grows and evolves into something different and this album DEFINITELY show's the growth from her last album.

Stand out tracks:
Stupid In Love
Rockstar 101
Russian Roulette
Fire Bomb
Rude Boy
Te Amo

4.LeToya Lady Love:

LeToya Luckett FINALLY made her return to the music scene with her sophmore album Lady Love this past summer and I was in love at the first listen! Now as you already know LeToya was an original member of Destiny's Child(and also my original favorite girl!). Lady Love is pure R&B. I honstley have no idea why people sleep on her because the girl is BAD! She is beautiful makes good music and can actually sing. This is a album every true R&B lover should have! There isnt one song on this album that I don't like. The music is so real and relatable. This album is undeniably a classic!

Stand out tracks:
She Ain't Got...
Good To Me
I Need A U
Love Rollercoaster

5. Keri Hilson In A Perfect World...

Now this is the album I anticipated the most! I waited 3 LONG years for this album to drop. I think this may actually be my all time fave cd of 2009 by far! Although there is ONE song that I just can't stand but it's not Keri's fault, it's Akon's for trying to sing!! He ruined a perfectly good song. This album came out back in March and I still play it like it came out last week! A lot of people hated on Keri this year but she did her thing and definitely deserves the success she has been getting. If you don't have this cd GO OUT AND GET IT NOW!!!!!

Stand out tracks:
Knock You Down
Make Love
How Does It Feel
Tell Him The Truth
Where Did He Go

All of these albums are classics on their own rite to me. I recommend all five!

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